Visiting Childhood

IMG_8988.JPGA couple of weeks ago my family took a small vacation to places in Maine that we haven’t been to in a LONG time. Returning to these spots brought back memories from my childhood as we had talked about heading up there for so long. In fact, we don’t think we have been up that way in ten years. This trip brought back memories as we made our way through Maine.

IMG_8983.JPGAll along the way we stopped at spots from my childhood. One of the places was L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine where the big hiking boot is. Another place was a book store in Damariscota a couple of hours away. The bookstore was a frequent place where we stopped because there was no wifi, internet and next to no cable, so we were up there with no connection to the outside world. Although, the books were pretty overpriced it seemed right to buy a couple of books there as they are still up and running while competed with Amazon and the Kindles.

IMG_8979.JPGHowever, quite possibly the most anticipated spot was Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro, Maine. This is the same restaurant that we would end up eating at every single night we were there. In fact, we even had the same waitress from the last time we were there. She didn’t recognize us, but the food and service was still the same. The one part of the menu we all had to look forward to was their pie. Eating each slice of pie brought back little pieces of my memory from childhood. If you are ever in the area, I would suggest going to Moody’s as place to stop.

IMG_8987.JPGAll in all, the point of this blog post is simply about getaways like this being relaxing. Up in Maine, there were no worries we had to concern ourselves with. The only part we had to worry about was having a good time and relaxing. Yes, the times did change with the usage of cell phones and internet. But, the place still remained the same with their stores as it did many years ago.

Authors note: I do plan on posting a photo of the Giant L.L. Bean boot, but am having some problems with downloading.

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