Happy Halloween


Spooks, frights, and candy delights!! All across America children are getting dressed up as adults prepare to hand out candy. Trick or Treater’s will be arriving soon where I live. All dressed up and ready to go while watching my favorite Halloween movies Halloween (of course) and Hocus Pocus ready to see celebrate this festive holiday! Happy Halloween!!!

Pumpkin vs. Apple

IMG_6705.JPGPumpkin and apple are my favorite flavors of all time. However, where I am from, Connecticut everything apple flavored tends to stay out all year round making pumpkin flavor a once a year festivity. Always around this time of year the memes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram show up asking which one is better apple or pumpkin. To me both of them are equal, so I did a little research on both apples and pumpkins about their nutritious values and why they should be enjoyed year round rather than the Fall.

IMG_6691.JPGPumpkins are bright orange squash that pop up this time of year. A fun festivity is going out buying the best pumpkin you can find and carving a jack-o-lantern. Many houses have pumpkins out on display as a fall decoration. But, pumpkins are good for you, in a healthy way. Loaded with Vitamin A, this squash can help with your vision and boost your immune system with Vitamin C. Another value of pumpkins is younger looking skin that can help protect your skin from UV rays by using the pulp the make a face mask. Pumpkins can also help with cancer prevention and treating diabetes. You can read more on the pumpkin benefits here: https://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/6-surprising-health-benefits-of-pumpkin#1

IMG_6702.JPGFor apples they tend to stick out here in New England all year round. I almost never have trouble finding apple cider in the Spring, Summer, and Winter when I want a glass. Not to mention, apple picking is a fun fall activity where you can find all different types of apples to make your favorite treats like pies and cobblers. But, apples have nutritional value that adds to a positive healthy diet. Free from fat, sodium, and cholesterol apples contain fiber that can help with digestion and loaded with Vitamin C. Not only that they contain Boron that helps protect the bones and Quercetin on the skin to help protect brain cells. To add to this, they have nutrients that are linked to helping prevent diseases like diabetes and lung cancer. To read more on apples click on this link: https://www.stemilt.com/health-nutrition/apple-health-nutrition/

IMG_6696.JPGThere is so much more to apples and pumpkins that they should be enjoyed year round. They are more than just fall treats and flavorings that we add to coffee and tea. Apples and pumpkins are real healthy treats that I enjoy all year round. This doesn’t mean that I stock up on all things pumpkin and apple during the fall for the rest of the year. But, I never hesitate to look for them during other seasons either.

Authors disclaimer: Please note that I am not a licensed nutritionist, medical professional, and/or doctor. The facts that I found are based on internet research. If you have any questions about these health facts please contact your physician and/or nutritionist.

October Musings

IMG_6691.JPGOctober is my most favorite month of the year. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I can never get enough of October. Today, I made an apple pie for the first time from scratch, crust and all with help from pinterest. Pumpkins are all over for decorations. Pumpkin is my favorite flavoring, I take it all year round ask anyone who knows me. But, the month of October will soon be gone.

IMG_6840.JPGThe festivities that come with October are celebrate all over. Not only do we celebrate Halloween at the very end of the month, but we enjoy corn mazes, apple picking and bonfires. Yes, some of these things do start in September and go into November, but it seems October is the month that starts it all. The fairs are already in full swing, as they start in September and by the time October rolls around there are more subtle amusements, before the holiday season hits.

IMG_6823.JPGOctober, for me, means the calm before the storm. It is the month when the leaves start to fully change. A time to slow down before the hectic holidays come. October is the month where you can wear sandals and sweatshirts at the same time. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than the month of October all over.