Cheers to 2019

IMG_9466.JPGA couple of days ago a new year started. Many people are going out there claiming new year new me. They are making resolutions about losing weight, making new friends and learning new skills. For me I don’t have really a resolution for 2019. I don’t view a new year as a new start to anything. But, I do plan on making changes and switching things up a bit with my blog.

Something new I am planning on blogging about is my period. Over the last couple of years I have heard about period shaming around the world. There are countries like Nepal and India where women are encouraged, sometimes forced, to leave their home for the duration of their menstrual cycle. There are stories of girls as young as twelve being sexually assaulted as they are being forced to sleep out in the open away from the comfort of their home. A friend of mine introduced to me to this problem world wide telling me that she was brought to tears by their stories. There is no reason for a woman to be shamed because her body is doing something completely natural.

I do hope to do some blogging more as in 2018 I took some time away. This year I hope to reconnect and expand on my blog through commenting and taking the courses offered by WordPress. Cheers to 2019! Hopefully, it is a great one for all.

2 thoughts on “Cheers to 2019

  1. DebraB says:

    Happy New Year! I have now passed the menstruation years. But I do remember being rather embarrassed buying tampons, especially if I saw somebody (a male) that I knew. Logically, I knew this embarrassment was ridiculous; every woman on the planet menstruates. Still, there is a definite shame attached to this natural function. 😦

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