Being a Mermaid

IMG_1496.jpgWinter is a very cold season for us all. It leads to us staying inside not wanting to leave the house because of the snow and ice. There are many who don’t get fresh air and choose to binge watch Netflix and HBO. Ultimately, winter is a season that, for me, can be depressing.

A new way I found to be warm and feel better during this cold season is using a new mermaid blanket. When I put this blanket on I forget some of the problems I had. There are fins for both my feet in this pink sparkly blanket.

IMG_1495.jpgI know it sounds like playing dress up, but I recently just got the mermaid blanket. The warmth and joy it provides during this dreary season is something that I love. It puts a smile on my face even though I am just pretending to be something I am not. It sounds like dress up, but when you can’t go outside and Netflix or HBO doesn’t cooperate with you becoming a mermaid, for me, is the perfect fit.