The Reason to “Period” Blog

img_8475Here it is, my first post about the menstrual experience. There is a reason that i am doing this to write about my period. There are many woman, including myself, who have experienced a sense of period shaming at one point or another.

A couple of months ago I was out shopping and noticed two men snickering and laughing at a woman who was buying tampons. I do not know if she noticed them, but I sure did. In the past, when I have been out shopping for tampons and pads I have experienced the stares, glares, and laughter from others. This does not happen all the time, but there tends to be a stigma surrounding woman when they are spotted buying something for a “problem” that is completely natural.

IMG_9603.JPGYes, that is right a problem. There are parts of the world where a period is viewed as a problem. I had a friend who had worked overseas in Uganda where young girls stayed home while they were menstruating. There are countries in Asia, like Indonesia and Taiwan where women are recommended to go on an unpaid medical leave. Imagine being told you can’t come to work for a full week because of something completely natural.

A period is a sign of womanhood. It is something that cannot be controlled. There tends to be a stigma that comes down to women and their period. In television shows there are jokes when a period is mentioned by name and tiptoeing around when in dialogue to avoid saying it. Ultimately, the “problem” that happens once a month for women should be accepted, not mocked and/or shamed.