The First Period Experience

IMG_9004.JPGThe next piece about the menstrual experience will be focusing on the first period I had. The day that my body decided it was time to transition from childhood to adulthood. I remember the details and the day exactly as it was my sister’s 10th birthday. I remember the doctor telling me the week before that I would most likely not get my first period until summer. Well, my sister’s birthday is in February, so I was a little taken off guard when I got it. So, here is the story.

IMG_7251.JPGI woke up the morning on a cold February day in 2002. I had a weird feeling in my stomach and didn’t feel like eating breakfast, but I ate anyway and felt better. My dad dropped me off at a friends house to catch the bus. The rest of the morning I was feeling odd and sick. I didn’t know what was going on at the time.

It was not until I was heading to gym class and used the bathroom. There it was all over my purple Limited Two underwear. My period! I had looked at it confused and thought is this my period. But, then I thought back to my annual physical where my doctor had told me that I would most likely get my period in the summer.

IMG_9518.JPGThe rest of the day I sat through my classes wondering if this was my period or something else. I knew what a period was, but I honestly thought it would come in a few months. I remember my mom telling me you will have your period when your body is ready. The rest of the day was like a blur until the day had ended.

My mom is a school teacher, so at the end of the day the bus driver dropped me off there. Feeling a little sick and uneasy I went to my mom who was talking with another teacher. I asked her to step aside and told her I thought I had received my first period. When I showed her my period she told me it was really my period.

IMG_9617.JPGA sense of relief had broken over me as I was expecting mother nature to make her first appearance in June, not February. I felt happy and sad at the same time. I felt embarrassed that this had happened. I didn’t tell anyone else except my mom that I had menstruated for the first time.

That night I went home to celebrate my sister’s birthday with my family. I went to bed after taking Advil for cramps (which were the small stomach aches) with my period for the first time.