Food, Food, Food

IMG_9612.JPGAh yes, food one of the many things people love. No one can live without food. However, when I am experiencing PMS and I am menstruating I feel my eating habits change. Yes, this is another post part of the period series.

Whenever I am encountering PMS and my period I find myself craving double bacon cheeseburgers with pickle and onions, buffalo chicken pizza, and shrimp tacos with black beans, avocados, and rice, and of course chocolate. Whenever I feel like I cannot get enough of these I know that my period is right around the corner. Unfortunately, my cravings aren’t too healthy.

IMG_9985.JPGYup, period cravings for junk food, at least for me, are the worst. After I eat one too many burgers I feel sick and bloated. Yes, I know that being bloated is part of having a period, but it feels different. I find it hard at times to resist all of my cravings during this time. At times I do find it easier to give in and have at least one burger, pizza, and/or taco. Not at the same time, but it does help.

I find ways to keep healthy when I am experiencing these cravings by eating fruits and vegetables and well balanced meals. I find going to the gym, yoga, walking, and swimming in the summer as a way to help take my mind off what I am craving. While, I do watch television, at times I get up during commercial breaks in order to avoid one that feature fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King and chain restaurants like Red Lobster and Pizza Hut.

I believe that one of the toughest things, other than cramps and feeling sick, is dealing with food while menstruating. I am not saying to avoid burgers, pizza, tacos, and other junk food during your cycle, but trying to find ways to lessen the cravings and have a healthy diet during your period is important. Personally, I believe that it is okay to give into your cravings every once and a while. Trust me, I don’t know what I would do with out bacon cheeseburgers, shrimp tacos, and buffalo chicken pizza and chocolate. But, my cravings during PMS and my period tend to get a little out of control leading to a need for a little bit of control over what I eat.