Farewell Denise

Denise D’Ascenzo

On Saturday famed Connecticut news anchor Denise D’Ascenzo passed away. My parents choice of news network for my entire life is Channel 3 WFSB. I grew up watching Denise deliver the good and the bad in my home state. The announcement of her passing has shocked me and many others. The most painful part was turning on the news on Monday evening only to see an empty chair next to Dennis House, her co-anchor. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. Farewell Denise! You made an impact in journalism by setting an example of dignity and grace.

At the top of the post I added a video link of a tribute put together by her colleagues at WFSB about her life and legacy. She is a true Connecticut legend.

Salem Part 2

IMG_7246.JPGThe next part of my adventures in Salem, Mass include a walk around the gardens at the Ropes Mansion, where Allison’s House in Hocus Pocus was filmed and a visit to the House of Seven Gables. The gardens were fun to walk around and I was able to capture photos of beautiful flowers. While, at the House of the Seven Gables, I was able to learn more about Nathaniel Hawthorne. I had visited the House of the Seven Gables before, so I knew what to expect. The book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne called House of Seven Gables is based on this house.

IMG_7243.JPGThe walk around the Ropes Gardens was filled with flowers. There were signs all around with writing about Samuel Barnard, the merchant who built the house in 1720 and his family. Currently, the house is operated by the Peabody Essex Museum. I wasn’t able to inside the house, but I was able to learn about the garden that was planted there by John Robinson in 1912.

IMG_7267.JPGThe next stop was a trip to the House of Seven Gables. As I said in the opening paragraph I had been there before. In between my last trip and most recent one I was able to read House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I did enjoy this trip more as I knew what the tour guide was talking about. He spoke about different characters and point out locations where scenes took place.

After a tour of the house there was a section dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne. The house where he was born still stands. At the House of Seven Gables they do not just focus on the book, but his other famous works like The Scarlet Letter and Young Goodman Browne. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born and raised in Salem, Mass; so it was fun to actually see the locations where he, most likely, got inspiration for his books. Although, the times have changed the location of the House of Seven Gables with technology, the preservation of the house and grounds remains the same.

IMG_7245.JPGOn the way out, my sister and I took some time to walk around Salem, MA. There were spotted the Hawthorne Hotel, named after Nathaniel Hawthorne, and many people dressed up. There was so much going on in Salem that it was hard to keep up. I do hope to go back up to Salem, MA some time when it is not as crazy busy. I do recommend a trip to Salem, MA, especially if you are a history buff, as you can learn about early life in America and so much more.

Salem, Mass Part 1

IMG_7175.JPGYes, I know it is December and the holiday season is in full swing. But, I did mention I would write about my recent travels to both Salem, MA and Sleepy Hollow, NY. So, with that being said I am starting off December with the first post being on Salem. I was only there for one day, but I am going to do two posts on a trip to legendary village.

IMG_7165.JPGAt the beginning of the day my sister and I found ourselves having breakfast in a small cafe down the street from the Samantha Stephens statue. I was lucky to get a quick photo before a crowd swarmed in. After we had breakfast there were people who were posing next to the statue and smiling.

IMG_7169After, we made our way down the street to the Witch House. No, this is not a house about witchcraft and wizardry. This is the house where one of the judges Jonathan Corwin lived. An original judge from the Salem Witch Trials is the only building with a direct ties to them. We didn’t go inside as the line was long.

IMG_7185.JPGHowever, the next place we went to had a tie to witchcraft and wizardry. Well, movie witchcraft and wizardry. The Ropes Mansion is where they filmed the outside for Allison’s house in the hit film Hocus Pocus. There was a garden in the back that we took time to explore. In front of the house there were fans of the film, like myself, who were quoting the film.

Afterwards, we went to the House of the Seven Gables… To Be Continued.