Louisiana Part 8: St. Louis Cemetery No. 1


One of the greatest things I would recommend on a trip to New Orleans is a tour of the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Yes, I know a tour of a cemetery sounds morbid. But, inside I got to see the tomb of Marie Laveau, the VooDoo Queen, it was great to hear about how she was willing to let others not related to her be interred with her. Inside this cemetery they filmed a scene for the hit film Easy Rider. However, the scene was sexually explicit and the producers did not ask permission from the New Orleans Archdiocese. Since then they have had to. Also, there is a tomb there very out of place. Inside this is where Nicolas Cage plans on being interred one day.

In order to go into the cemetery you have to pay for the tour. Sadly, the explicit scene from Easy Rider is not the only issue the Archdiocese of New Orleans has had. There have been people who have painted Marie Laveaus grave and spray painted tombs. I hope you enjoy these photos! Stay safe and well!


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