Arizona 2019 Part 20: Wildlife


Pretty much every day while out in Arizona I would observe the various different animals that lived there. From birds to deer to squirrels each one in their own habitat brought joy to observe. I chose to do one post about the wildlife that I saw in Arizona as each day there was a new one to see. Stay safe and well!

Arizona 2019 Part 19: Montezuma’s Well


short drive down the road from Montezuma’s Castle is Montezuma’s Well. While not as big as Montezuma’s Castle, at Montezuma’s Well there are a few hiking trails that you can take to explore the area. There are a few “apartments” that were built by the Sinagua people. Once again, I was unable to walk up right to them and see them closer than from my camera. Still it was a very fun and cool experience to go and explore Montezuma’s Well. Stay safe and well!

Arizona 2019 Part 18: Montezuma’s Castle


A very interesting site to go see out in Arizona had to be Montezuma’s Castle. A dwelling built into the side of a cliff over eight hundred years ago was quite a site to see. Obviously, you can’t go inside to see the structure for itself, well you couldn’t when I had gone. The dwelling is believed to have been twenty apartments for the Sinagua people, who had built it, long ago. After all that has happened in the past eight hundred years I am happy Montezuma’s Castle still stands. Even though I wasn’t able to walk up and see the inside, I was able to view an exhibit showing how the Sinagua people had lived long ago. Stay safe and well!


Arizona Part 17: Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon filled with wonder that I can’t fully put into words. The pictures, as usual, don’t do it justice. From the moment you walk inside, literally, you literally see the light come in through the openings at the top. At times it felt like you were underwater walking through a sea of rocks. I heavily recommend a trip to Antelope Canyon if you ever venture to Arizona. You have to make a reservation in order to go inside and you have to watch the weather because if it heavily rains then you can’t go inside. A walk through Antelope Canyon is one that will be filled with wonder that you will never forget. Stay safe and well!

Arizona 2019 Part 16: Horseshoe Bend


I don’t think there will be anything like the site of Horseshoe Bend. While my family and I did not hike down where Horseshoe Bend is, we were able to observe it from above. My sister was recommended to go see Horseshoe Bend and the pictures truly don’t do it justice. There was a small walk from the car to the location. But, that may have changed since they were working on adding in a parking lot when we were there. Horseshoe Bend is a hidden gem in Arizona that had gained quite a bit of attention with the rise of social media apps like Instagram. Stay safe and well!


Arizona 2019 Part 15: Lowell Observatory


There was even more joy learning about space exploration at the Lowell Observatory. There we were able to see actual artifacts from the original Apollo and Gemini Astronauts when they visited, including a book that was signed by Ed White, Gus Grissom, Neil Armstrong and more. There was an original telescope that we were able to look through to see the sky and one that we weren’t able to touch. They even had a set up where we were able to see the sun through one. No, I was unable to get a photo using my camera, but it would have been cool to get one. Learning more about space exploration in the year that was the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. There is so much to learn at the Lowell Observatory and see at the same time. Stay safe and well!


Arizona 2019 Part 14: Meteor Crater


As you probably remember during last year, 2019, there were many people talking about the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. On a historic July night in 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history when they became the first two human beings to set foot on the moon.

Well, it was a blessing in disguise to be out in Arizona during the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing because there were sites where the original astronauts visited. One of those was Meteor Crater where a meteorite had landed over 50,000 years ago. It was very interesting to see such an impact that happened so long ago have an affect today. I was not allowed to walk down to the meteor site itself, but it was very cool to see.

Also, at the site of Meteor Crater they had exhibits set up based from other meteorite impacts and astronauts from NASA. I didn’t know until last year that there was a meteorite impact in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1971. Growing up in Connecticut I thought that I would have heard about such an impact years ago. They had space shuttles that would have been flown by the astronauts and the spacesuits they would have worn set up as well. It was very fun to learn more about space travel especially with it being the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing and all. Stay safe and well!

Arizona 2019 Part 13: Petroglyphs


The final part of the Petrified Forest was stopping to see a rock with Petroglyphs. The difference between petroglyphs and hieroglyphs has to do with the rock carving that they are made in from prehistoric times. It was very interesting to see the petroglyphs on the rock and wonder what the Native Americans were saying to each other. Were they writing a story? Or were they leaving a message? I have a feeling there are people who know the story or message behind the petroglyphs on the rock I saw. Stay safe and well!


Arizona 2019 Part 12: The Painted Desert


One of the most beautiful parts of the Petrified Forest was being able to see The Painted Desert. There I was able to see little mountains of color different shades of white, purple, blue and gray. Each one was different. Each one so unique in color. Driving through the Painted Desert made me think of driving through the Badlands. The mounds with different colors was breathtaking. It sure was a site to see! Stay safe and well!



Arizona 2019 Part 11: The Petrified Forest National Park


When I heard about the Petrified Forest in Arizona, I honestly thought I would walk around and see a bunch of trees lying on the ground. Yup, I imagined there being tree trunks just laying there in the desert like a normal tree does when it falls down. What I did not expect to see was the wood so preserved. I guess, that is why it is called the Petrified Forest because the wood just stayed that way when the trees fell down. Each log was different, each log had, what looked like, a special glass coating over it preserving the tree trunks. To be honest, I am not sure what the coating is called around the wood. Seeing all of these tree trunks just lying there perfectly preserved from years ago was very interesting. Stay safe and well!