Celebrating Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for this year. As I said in my last post I will be seeing family through zoom for celebrations today. Only having people over via internet isn’t exactly how I imagined celebrating Thanksgiving. So, as a fan of all kinds of holiday specials, including Thanksgiving, I am going to be watching them. Here is a list of a few of my favorites:

The Mouse on the Mayflower: One of the original Rankin/Bass holiday specials you’ll follow along with a church mouse, Willum, as he joins the pilgrims on their long journey to the New World. There he witnesses the first Thanksgiving and the Mayflower Compact.

Rugrats The Turkey Who Came to Dinner: A little 90’s nostalgia here! Growing up one of my favorite shows was the Rugrats. In this special you’ll follow along with Tommy and the gang as they try to protect a live turkey from Angelica and their parents who want to eat it.

CatDog Talking Turkey: Another popular 90’s TV show! In this hilarious episode an unlucky turkey, Walt, finds out that he is going to become Thanksgiving dinner after the annual Nearburg parade. So, in true cartoon fashion, he finds himself hiding out with CatDog. The two brothers fight over whether or not to hand him over to the town or save his life.

Rocko’s Modern Life Turkey Time/Floundering Fathers: Yup, another 90’s TV special. As you can probably guess I am a child of the 90’s at this point. In the first part Rocko learns the hard way about letting it get out that he pardoned his turkey to the town as he winds up providing refuge for all the turkeys in O-Town. In the second part, Rocko and Mr. Bighead fight over whether or not a float should get into the Thanksgiving parade. As a result everyone ends up arguing over who founded O-Town with their own family history. A side note, Rocko’s Modern Life may not be suitable for all ages.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving: Ah yes, the Garfield special, everyone’s food loving fat orange cat finds himself on a diet the day before Thanksgiving. As a result John and Odie end up going to great lengths preventing him from partaking in the annual feast. That is until John decides he wants to woo Garfield’s vet and things take a comedic turn for.

Arnold’s Thanksgiving: This special comes form another popular 90’s Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold. Arnold and Helga Thanksgivings never go as planned. Arnold’s grandmother plans on celebrating the 4th of July and Helga feels unappreciated by her family. The two of them meet up in the city only to find out there is no place like home for Thanksgiving in the end.

This History of Thanksgiving: In this History Channel special you will learn all about the origins of Thanksgiving. Along with the story of the first Thanksgiving you will learn about the traditions of the famous Macy’s Day Parade and why turkeys have become holiday bird. You’ll also learn about opposing views to Thanksgiving and why some choose to not celebrate.

This is America, Charlie Brown: In this Peanut’s special you’ll get to follow along with the gang, Snoopy and Woodstock included, as they make their way to the New World as pilgrims. Here you will see the gang meeting Squanto and the other Native Americans who helped the pilgrims during their first rough year in America.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: No Thanksgiving special would be complete without this one! When Peppermint Pattie ends up inviting the entire gang over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving he and Snoopy find themselves scrambling to make a festive meal. Grab some jellybeans, toast, and popcorn as the Peanuts gang celebrates Thanksgiving like no other.

Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I know that this year is different due to COVID-19. Please stay safe and be mindful around those who are vulnerable today. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy some Thanksgiving specials to lift your spirits!

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