There is No Excuse

Yesterday, like many people, I was shocked and horrified to watch the U.S. Capitol building be raided by protesters. Do people have a right to protest? Yes, they do! Do they have the right to break into a building and destroy property? No, they don’t! There is no excuse whatsoever for what happened yesterday in Washington D.C.

It was terrifying to watch as the news played footage from inside the building as members of this mob started to break in by banging on the door. It was shocking and mind numbing to see lawmakers lying on the ground before they left wearing gas masks. The horror of seeing people who had no right walking into the house chamber where they were jumping off balconies and sitting in chairs. The fact that these “people” managed to go into offices of congress where they read their email, took classified information, and left notes on their desk was disgusting. The worst part of this is knowing that they will do what they can to justify their actions.

I just read that the FBI is looking for information on this attack inside the U.S. Capitol. Here is the link: If you have any information about what happened please report. Let these rioters know that there is NO EXCUSE for doing what they did. The U.S. is a country of law and order. What happened yesterday is no reflection of the United States of America as a whole. Will the day be remember? Yes, it will, but it will be remembered as a day of turmoil and terrorism.