Lent Challenge

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Today is Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of Lent. The next forty days many people will go without something they love and Catholics, like me, will forgo eating meat on Fridays. Every year I have logged into Facebook to see of a garbage bag filled with clothes. Underneath the bag it says, “Every day for Lent put a piece of clothing you don’t wear anymore in a garbage bag. Then you will have gotten rid of forty pieces of clothing.” Someone who I know has done this for years now. Today I started doing it and to be honest, I got rid of more than one piece of clothing. In fact, my garbage bag is almost full already and we aren’t even twenty-four hours into Lent. I thought I would share this nifty challenge with you as it is a way to clean out and donate something that many people need so dear. I don’t know where I am donating to yet, but I will share more after Easter.