Learning to Juggle

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This year has started off to a fast and busy start. Currently, I am juggling a few different jobs, apartment hunting, a blog, and other things. Learning to juggle all of this has become a challenge. Almost every night I think of a new post to do on here only to find out that I am in bed before I can even get to the post. It feels like almost every day has its new challenges that come with a new, but not really, mundane adventure. Learning to juggle all of this is something I am slowly learning to handle. I do hope to continue blogging more frequently once things start to settle down more and I am able to manage my time better.

Happy Earth Day

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day. Today is a day that we honor the Earth that we walk on. We think about ways to conserve energy to keep the planet green. I have heard of companies switching out their lights and using recycled plastic. I have heard of people choosing to compost and riding their bikes or walking short distances instead of driving. There are so many ways to cut down on your own carbon footprint like starting a veggie garden and turning off the light after you leave a room. I am constantly thinking of ways to cut down on my carbon footprint. If you have any ideas on how to, let me know!

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great day celebrating the day Christ rose from the dead. Today is the day He was resurrected from his tomb. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!