Hard to Think

20 years ago yesterday on 9/11/2001 America was attacked. I remember where I was when the attacks happened, where I was when I found out, and the shock and terror I felt through out the day. I remember hearing the stories of police officers, firefighters, EMT’s and other first responders whom bravely gave their lives so others could live that day. Those whom gave their lives are never to be forgotten. Everyone whom passed due to a terrorists cowardly act were going about their life as normal not knowing that they would never see their loved ones again. Never celebrate another birthday. Never see their children grow up. Never see enjoy the life they deserved to have. I know it looks strange writing this post the day after the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. However, I found it hard to put into words yesterday as news reports and social media posts brought back the pain and horror. 9/11/2001 is a day that is etched in my memory and I still find it hard to write a remembrance marking the anniversary, even twenty years later.

So Many Changes, So Little Time

May be a closeup of flower and nature

I didn’t intend to take a month long plus break from blogging. Yes, I know that I have slowed down on here. But, right now I am just checking into to give you a little update on my life. About a month ago I got a full time job and a week ago today I moved into a condo I bought. For now I am working two jobs, one full time and one part time, until I am on my feet and have all the kitchen appliances that I need want. That alone has taken up much of my time. I am super excited to say that my life is going in a positive direction with the month of August going by in the blink of an eye.

May be a closeup of African daisy and nature

Right now, I am trying to get on a schedule so that I pop on here longer. I do have many ideas for 2022. Yes, I know, the new year is far away. However, I am hoping to start fresh with new series and blog posts. As for now, I working on settling down and planning for this blog next year. But for now, I will stop in from time to time with little update posts.