#5 Jane Eyre (tie)

Finished reading this for the first time not too long ago. What to say... I went through periods of cheering her on, and wanting to punch her in the face. It wasn't bad, but I'm probably not going to read it again without some sort of outside influence prompting me to...In the fictional book by Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre, we are introduced to a lonely young orphan girl. Living under the roof of a cruel aunt who despises her doesn’t help once she gets sent off to boarding school. There she starts to start a little bit of trouble by speaking her mind. Now, this is the 1800’s when young girls were expected to be quiet and read, basically not say anything. But, Jane Eyre does so and ends up being punished. These punishments are harsh, however, her crave for freedom and independence doesn’t stop her one bit. After she is done with school, she later becomes a governess. With a strong conscious she manages to make sure that everything goes the way that it should, such as when the children are bad they are punished. Jane Eyre is quite the female character for her time and still is one today that many people can look up too.

#5 Jessica Fletcher (Tie)

who is angela lansbury | Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She WroteIn the small town Cabot Cove, Maine, there is an elderly lady who lives in a house. She writes books for people to read, enjoys going on outings with friends, and loves to travel. She even solves crimes, actually, in the twelve years of Murder, She Wrote, Jessica Fletcher solved murders. Yes, murders in every episode of Murder She Wrote, we would be introduced to a new character in a situation that would lead to someone being murdered. She is retired and many people would expect a woman her age to stay at home and read/watch/listen to the news that happens. But, no, Jessica Fletcher is out there on a daily basis solving crime and assisting those who she loves most (who tend to get accused quite a bit). Jessica Fletcher is the type of woman who never stopped doing something once she set her mind to it. Even when people (mainly the police) told her to stay out of it. Portrayed by the legendary Angela Lansbury, Jessica Fletcher is quite the detective.

#6 Wonder Woman

Google Image Result for http://www.wisdomwoman.com/cassie/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Wonder-Woman1.jpgAn Amazon Warrior called Diana comes to save the day! Known to the world as Wonder Woman with her “Lasso of Truth” there is nothing that will stop her. Using all the essentials around her, such as her bracelets and tiara, Wonder Woman stands strong against formidable foes. She knows when she goes against a foe there is a fight to be warranted. But knowing the fight is for the greater good, she goes at it head on. With her invisible airplane to assist, Wonder Woman is always able to find a way the day showing young girls that you can be a superhero. With her brain and ability to think quickly on her feet she is able to accomplish being a princess who is a superhero.

#7 Batgirl

Meet Barbara Gordon, librarian at the Gotham City Public Library by day, and crime-fightin' wonder Batgirl by night.Behind Batman, there is Batgirl, commonly known as Barbara Gordon. In the 1960’s series only one person knew Batgirl’s identity. Not even Batman and Robin knew who she was. Today there are many young girls who look to super heroines as a guide. In all of the episodes and books she proves to be smart and willing to do what ever it takes to save the day. Even if it means shedding her identity to the light. Batgirl knows that revealing her identity will compromise her chances of saving the day in the future. But, she knows that there is a reason for everything that happens. To the world Barbara Gordon is known as the loving daughter to the chief of police and librarian. A lovely young girl who no one would think of being able to stop a criminal. Looks are deceiving in the case of Barbara as to the world she is Batgirl. A heroine in her own right to the young children and adults every where.

A Lesson from Marilyn Monroe

Saluting the Curvy Women: Marilyn Monroe Tops Poll for Best Celebrity Curves

Today is the day that Marilyn Monroe was born. To this day she is considered to be one of the sexiest women alive. Unfortunately, since her time the view of “sexi” has changed in the media. Many girls are pushed to the breaking point where they don’t eat in order to be thin. They go to the gym excessively just to lose a pound. All of this is not a good thing. There may be many campaigns that promote a healthy body image. But, to no avail for many young people. The ideology of being fit has gone from a healthy body to succumbing to an eating disorder. But, look at Marilyn Monroe, she was no size two. She was no stick figure who starved herself. She was comfortable in her own skin. I hope that this message is out there for other people who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Just look at Marilyn Monroe, she was no stick figure, yet she is considered one of the sexiest and beautiful woman who has ever lived.

#8 Kirsten Larson

Moving with your family to a new town can be hard. But, for Kirsten Larson this meant moving from Sweden to Minnesota, US in 1854. A pioneer girl who dreams of getting an education and the land that America has to offer is not disappointed. Spending the rest of her life on a farmland Kirsten perseveres to make her dreams come true. With the help of her family keeping traditions alive, she is able to accomplish anything. Kirsten is the type of hard working girl who takes in her surroundings to make anything happen. She is not one to tell no to when something can’t get done. The one thing that Kirsten taught me through her stories is the importance of an education. Even though she does not like going to school and finds it hard to fit in, she realizes that getting an education is important. Although she is shy, Kirsten learns to enjoy her new life in America. Kirsten is brave and outgoing making her a role model for future generations to come.

#9 The Pevensie Sisters (Tie)

Susan & Lucy Pevensie

Susan and Lucy Pevensie are two sisters who are as different as can be. None the less they get along. They stand strong together side by side in battle. C.S. Lewis introduced them to the world in The Chronicles of Narnia. Susan is a no nonsense sister who always looks for a logical explanation. While Lucy, is a carefree child with a heart for caring about others.

Narnia: Susan Pevensie by ~Archer-AMS on deviantARTSusan is the one who is smart and practical. Upon hearing about Narnia behind a closet door, she dismissed it immediately. She told her sister Lucy, that Narnia was just a childish figment of her imagination. Even though she did this with good intentions for her younger sister, she came off to the audience in the wrong way. However, once Susan discovers Narnia she quickly learns that she is destined for something greater. After a meeting Susan receives a bow and arrow, becoming quite the archer. Heading into battle head on and standing by her siblings side, Susan never stopped believing that her destiny would take her some place new. Everything that Susan did gained her the respect from her siblings as well as becoming a role model to her younger sister Lucy. One to go at it alone in dire times, Susan stands strong taking the lead, even when she is reluctant to do so.

Narnia:Lucy Pevensie by ~Archer-AMS on deviantARTLucy, the younger sister, who enjoys the simple things in life. After, discovering Narnia, she tries to tell her siblings to no avail. But, she goes to and from Narnia visiting her friend Mr. Tumnus. Hearing the horrible things about what happened to Narnia after the White Queen, she became a leader trying to bring peace back to the land. Once her siblings discover the magical land of Narnia, they start to hear what she has to say. If it was not for Lucy raising her voice from time to time, then Narnia would not have been where it was. She was able to explain the horror of that Narnia had fallen under gaining the respect and trust from her siblings. We see Lucy be given a healing potion which she uses when needed. We watch Lucy grow up to become a young woman, reluctantly knowing that she would have to leave Narnia for good. None the less, Lucy became a role model to lead Narnia to a free land.

Susan and Lucy Pevensie are two of the most unique female characters. Two sisters who were born with no claim to a throne, yet gained the throne by fighting battles. They earned their rightful place in Narnia through the minds of young readers. Susan and Lucy Pevensie are by far two of the greatest female role models there are.

#9 Arya Stark (Tie)

35 TV characters who deserve their own spinoffArya Stark is quite the character on Game of Thrones. We are introduced to a tomboy who hates dresses and going to parties. She would rather be learning to sword fight or hang out with the guys. As a young noble girl, there is already a plan set in motion for Arya when she gets older. The plan would be her her to marry and bear children. This may be something she wants later on in life. But, this plan would involve an arranged marriage with someone who, she might, not love. She would have to spend her days sewing and being a gentle lady. In a grim twist of fate a tragedy happens and she is able to pursue the happiness that she has always wanted. Even though this involved her running away, she was able to look on the bright side to find happiness. Happiness is something that does not come to Arya easily, she has to fight for it. Arya Stark is the type of female character who follows her heart and dreams even when times are hard.

#10 Galadriel

A Few of My Favorite Quotes from Lord of the Rings | Musings of a Nerdy GirlLord of the Rings has quite the diverse female characters that I can relate to. Initially, I had misunderstood Galadriel when she was introduced, after I read the book I saw her in a different light. Taking a liking to Gimli, a dwarf, while she an elf was heavily frowned upon. She managed to find away to bridge a friendship from an old grudge. Galadriel knew what was to come if Frodo were to fail with his mission to destroy the ring of evil. She used her resources to assist him, even giving him not-so cryptic instructions. Galadriel is one of those characters who you are introduced to as an odd one. She has the power of foresight, leading her to have troubling visions. The ones that are awful she dedicates her life to making sure they never come. Always having forewarning on her side, she uses it to her advantage. Galadriel taught me to look on the inside when it comes down to fighting the forces of evil. Judged as being an evil witch, Galadrial proved them wrong.

#11 Eowyn

Eowyn ~ I am no man...    Google Image Result for http://www.lotr.tk/albums/eowyn/Eowyn_wallpaper_7_2.jpgAnother Lord of the Rings heroine! Eowyn was a young lady who was born into nobility. Much was expected of her to be a kind and gentle woman who married a man and had children. But, she knew that learning to wield a sword was more important that pursuing the guy of her dreams. When we are first introduced to Eowyn we learn quickly that she is unhappy being raised to be just a woman. As a journey to leave her home starts, she secretly packs a sword to defend herself. Later, on in the movie series, we see her disguise herself as a man in order to go to battle, as she couldn’t go as just a woman. The quote “I am no man,” was spoken by Eowyn to the Nazgul King when he insulted her for being a man. In her final moments of battle, Eowyn became a heroine in her own right to all the other girls in Middle Earth. She did find happiness with a new love and starting a family. Even though Eowyn did go on with her life off the battle field, she never lost who she was.