The Tummy Trouble Diet

Unfortunately, we all get the stomach flu. The one that many people don’t care for. The one that creates all the mess. Recently, there has been a bug going around in my office knocking people down one by one. When I was younger my mom came up with a specific diet  to follow when the stomach bug hits.

Breakfast: Two pieces of toast and Ginger aleBurnt Toast - You know that toast is good for an upset stomach, but burnt toast is even better because the char absorbs toxins that are making you feel ill. Add a smear of jelly to make it more palatable.

Lunch: Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup and a cup of Orange Juice

Dinner: PLAIN Pasta (no cheese, no sauce) and tea

When I catch this awful bug, this is what I eat until it has passed. I know that this may not work for everyone. But, for me it does. Throughout the day I usually have mints and drink water. I hope this helps the next time, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, you get sick.

Upward Facing Dog

updog up dog upward facing dog benefits modifications and tips

Another yoga move, upward facing dog! This amazing yoga move is traditionally done before transitioning into downward facing dog. By going from low plank to pushing my upper body to the sky I can feel my muscles moving. I can feel my legs lifting off the ground by my feet. At yoga class tonight I can feel my upward facing dog empowering me to do better in life. To stay focus and know there is always a new move. Yoga moves do not just benefit the body, but also the mind. This is a pose that helps me relieve stress and focus on the moment rather than what is to come.

Utkatasana or Chair Pose

From YSP to 200 hours…… | Yoga Poses for Beginners and or Experienced and Yoga Boutique/Accessories

In yoga tonight, I found comfort in chair pose or in sanskrit, utkatasana. Having my knees bent and my arms in the air was energizing. I could feel sparks of energy flowing through my fingers. Chair pose or Utkatasana starts with having the big toes touch and space between the heels. Then bend the knees and feel your feet rout to the ground. Then the arms go up above. It feels awkward at first, but what doesn’t. The benefits of this pose includes: strengthening the ankles, thighs, and calves, stretching the shoulders and chest, stimulates the abdominal organ, diaphragm, and heart, and reduces flat feet. As you can tell a little bit from a yoga pose can go a long way. Doing this pose can feel weird, but it truly is wonderful


A 5-minute walk helps reverse the harm of 3 hours of sitting, says new study. Here's how to maximize the benefits.One of the easiest way to stay in shape for me is just to walk. When I am walking I can feel myself getting healthier and my body feels better. In my opinion, walking is one of the great ways to stay in shape. With Spring starting, even though it has been a snowy start, I am looking forward to going outside for a walk and getting fresh air. I live on a long street and the end of a culdesac, so there are plenty of opportunities for me to go for a walk when I get home. During the winter, early days of spring, and late days of autumn, I tend to go on the treadmill as it is too cold to walk outside. But, by staying active and walking, I am able to stay on track. The fact that I walk in nice weather is something that I can talk about all day. The moment I finish one, I can’t wait to go on another one. Before, I started my new job, I used to go on four to five walks a day because I loved it so much.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at find that listening to music is one reason that I love this. Listening to music while I walk gives me new ideas for writing, how to organize things at work, or figure out a problem. The music that I listen too is a wide range, so I don’t have a playlist put on my iPod. But, I do enjoy listening to Broadway soundtracks and that usually takes up the time of the whole walk. Unfortunately, for the ears close by I sing, not very good at that. But, show tunes are some of my favorite to walk to because you are listening to a story. Music and walking definitely go together in my book.

Make time to get outside for a walk. It'll do more good than you may know.Walking is a form of exercise I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. When I am home and the treadmill is not down and cold out, I tend to just walk around the house or just in place. There is always a way to stay active with walking. All you just have to do is start. Talk to your doctor more about the benefits of walking more in your life.

Rag Doll

Nighttime stretches to help you sleep better (and improve your flexibility). Need to try!A while ago my yoga instructor mentioned that she read that starting the day off in a rag doll was a great way to start the morning. I have yet to try this out as I am usually more focused on getting ready for work. However, letting things go in rag doll tonight was a release of stress. Rag doll happens when your feet are hip width apart and your arms are crossed over your head; sometimes, the arms hang down. For some reason tonight doing rag doll was different for me. I found it to be more relaxing than usual. In between yoga moves, rag doll helps me rest a bit when I am standing. I know it sounds weird to say you can rest while you stand. But, it is possible when you let all things go and just let your upper body hang over your legs.

Downward Facing Dog

Every yoga sequence will never be complete without the Downward Facing Dog. This move is part of the Sun Salutation series, and this has the look and the feel of a dog enjoying a good stretch in the spine, hamstrings and shoulders. The inversion done while doing this pose will promote blood circulation to the…Continue Reading →One of the most well known yoga positions is downward facing dog. The body is in the shape of an inverted V  and is known as resting pose. Like child’s pose, downward facing dog does have it’s perks. When I was in this position tonight at yoga I could feel my body resting as the vinyasa practice is about to take place. My hands are planted to the mat and my feet are on my toes as I try to press them into the ground. After a couple of seconds the instructor tells us to “walk the dog” in other words moving the legs. When I do this I can feel my relaxed body moving in a better way. Being caught in downward facing dog in the middle of the day and not in a yoga practice can be awkward. However, it is a good resting pose. A way to let the body stretch and relax at the same time.

Child’s Pose

Asana of the Week: Child's - Imgur

Tonight at yoga, I started the normal way I start my vinyasa flow with child’s pose. When I let my body rest, I am able to let my troubles go. My arms are stretched out and my body feels better. Sometimes my arms are in by my sides. Child’s pose is something that I do at home as well in order to relax. I find that doing child’s pose is a great way to start off my day. I hope you enjoy the play by play above of what child’s pose is about. I suggest you do it as well. Just a suggestion from one yogi to other people.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Problem Gambling: Have the Conversation #PGAM

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month! So, I have decided to dedicate a post to the signs of problem gambling. If you know someone who has a gambling problem, then please let them know that there is help out there for them. If you think you have a gambling problem, then there is HELP out there for you. Here are some of the facts on how problem gambling cannot just affect the person, but everyone in their lives.

  • It is common for people who are addicted to gambling to blame certain methods, such as lotteries, racebooks, and casinos for compulsive gambling. However, gambling problems are caused by the individuals inability to control their habit.
  • It is estimated that eighty percent of American’s have gambled at least once in their life time.
  • According to a study pathological gamblers are more likely to have a mental health disorder and/or substance abuse disorder.
  • Another study shows that seventy-five percent of problem gamblers have an alcohol problem, thirty-eight percent have a drug issue, and sixty percent have a nicotine dependency.
  • A research study shows that fifty percent of gamblers have experienced a mood disorder, 41.3% have experienced an anxiety disorder, and 60.8% have experienced a personality disorder
  • Men are more likely to develop an addiction than women
  • It is estimated that three to four percent of Americans have a gambling problem

It is important to remember that having an issue with gambling does not make you a weak person. It does not make you a bad person either. But, if you read the facts I have provided above you can see how gambling issues can affect those around you. Developing certain disorders due to stress and blaming others for your issues can cost you good friends and the respect of your family. There is help out there for those who have a gambling problem. Please know that. Here is the website I found the facts on  This is the one for the studies Knowing when to call for help is always a good habit.

Read Across America Day

Dr. Seuss Books for Read Across America Day (Comprehensive Dr. Seuss book list) from No Twiddle Twaddle

Today I was informed that it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I had forgotten about this day that encourages young children to read books. When I was in high school I would participate in the day by going to the local elementary school and reading a children’s book to them. Not going to lie, reading a Dr. Seuss book was a bit discouraged as he is already well known. But, encouraging young children to read is a good thing.

Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Reading Goal Vertical Banner $4.49    Perfect for National Read Across America Day March 2nd!Books can take you anywhere. They can take you to a magical land far away or to a different time period. There is magic that is in books that can happen with just the turn of a page. Some books are hard to get into, but once you get started you can’t stop. Some books can teach you about famous people and you can relate to them. Books can make us laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time. So, go ahead and open a book today. You never know what you will find.Ted Geisel NYWTS 2 crop.jpg

When I had participated in the elementary school Read Across America day I would have to come up with a craft to do with the children. One of the books involved milk and cookies, so milk and cookies were brought into eat. Some my other classmates had used crafts to teach the students. It can be hard to get children into reading, however, if you use something like food or a fun game you can find that it can get easy. I remember being a young girl and not wanting to have the green eggs and ham as part of the class. However, I did enjoy them like Sam did in the classic Dr. Seuss book. A lesson like this can go along way with a child with getting them to eat something new.

green eggs and ham again to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday which is tomorrow.  This time I used spinach juice instead of green food coloring to make the green eggs -  Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

By encouraging children to read books through making connections, food, crafts, or making it sound exciting is a good thing to do. In the world we live in today reading tends to become a thing of the past. There are movies that are being made based on books. Some of these movies I tend to be a little critical about because the book is always better. But, a book is what started it all. A book is what started the magical world of Harry Potter. All of that came from just one woman’s imagination. A book started Tarzan, a young man raised by apes and becomes king of the jungle. A book opened our eyes to the fears of tomorrow in 1984 where the world is controlled by “The Party” and Big Brother. Everyday books are being written just waiting to be read someday. Today, there are many classic books that deserve to be read as well. From The Count of Monte Cristo to The Shining, there are stories that will never die and will stay with us forever. The Power Of Books

Tea for Thought

I was wondering about what to blog about today. I looked at the warm drink right next to me and thought that it would be a wonderful thing to write about. Tea is one of my favorite things to drink. Currently, I am drinking decaffeinated tea which is much better than the caffeinated one. I feel much better after drinking decaff tea than I do caffeinated tea.

Tea does have it’s healthy side affects. I remember being a child and my dad giving me tea to drink when I was sick. At the time I did not care for tea, however, as I grew older I began to realize that tea does taste good and that it helps me calm down for some reason. Recently, tea has been the one thing keeping me warm in the morning, since living in the northeast comes with cold winters.

I found a website that lists many of the healthy side effects that all different types of tea’s have. I preferably enjoy green tea. Green tea has been proven to help with the prevention of a certain cancers, such as breast, pancreatic, bladder and lung. It also has been shown to prevent clogging of the arteries and counteract oxidation stress on the brain. Black tea has been shown to prevent the lungs from damage caused by smoke. White tea has more anticancer cancer properties than other teas. Oolong and Pur-erh tea can help with cholesterol levels.

 But also to be cautious of certain things that are in tea and not to drink to much of it. Unfortunately, for me and tea lovers every where, tea can have things in it that can not be beneficial to health. In particular, black tea is the tea is high in caffeine and can be dangerous to anyone’s health if they drink to much. When drinking tea there can be a reasonable high amount of herbs that can lead to health problems such as liver and kidney damage. Some tea can be high in willow bark and germander.

However, these side effects aside nutritionist have said to drink up and enjoy the health benefits that come with tea. “You want to incorporate healthy beverages in your diet on a more regular basis to benefit from these health-promoting properties,” says Diane L. McKay, PhD, a Tufts University scientist who studies antioxidants. “It’s not just about the foods; it’s about what you drink, as well, that can contribute to your health.” ( you would like to learn more about tea health benefits go to this website I tend to go to for questions about benefits of certain foods and beverages. I also would recommend talking to a doctor or health care provider about tea. So on that note drink up, but be aware of what is in your tea.