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There is no animal out there quite like the buffalo. When I was in South Dakota last year I realized how beautiful these majestic animals are. Unlike any other animal I have seen they are truly unique.

Boston Museum of Science

There is something about the Boston Museum of Science that makes it unique. There is just something about it that makes it different from all the rest. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I do have good memories of going to the Boston Museum of Science.

Embedded image permalinkWhen I was in the fifth grade this was the special school trip for the kids who were about to enter middle school. The one part that I remember the most, and thankfully have pictures of, is the electricity room. They did experiments with electricity to show how things had worked. Through the loud noises that made most of us jump, there was so much that took us by surprise. None the less, there was a fun lesson to be learned at the end. I don’t quite remember what that lesson was because it was so long ago. But, I do remember having a good time at viewing the wonder that is electricity.

Sturbridge Village

In Sturbridge, Massachusetts there is a town that is set up like it was in the colonial times. From the moment you walk inside you are transported to a simpler time. From cleaning the houses to seeing how things worked back then Sturbridge Village has it all. This place does tend to remind me of Williamsburg, Virginia. None the less, Sturbridge Village has its own unique feel to it with staying true to the colonial times long ago. The last I visited Sturbridge Village was back in school as part of a field trip. Obviously, it was in the winter time and there was not a lot of heat around considering they had stayed true to the olden times. There was quite a bit to learn and give thanks for the use of a heat in a household. Sturbridge Village does not just come with history lessons, but with showing how far we have come technologically. Imagine having to get up in the morning and start cooking dinner. Only, for it to get done right around six o’clock in the evening for serving. There is a lot that has changed since the time these houses were built. There is much to learn from Sturbridge Village.

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Sea World

Embedded image permalinkOne of the many amusement parks that I have enjoyed in my lifetime is Sea World. Although, in the past years there has been some controversy surrounding Sea World with their treatment of animals. None the less, I have good memories from visiting this amusement park. From going on the Journey to Atlantis ride more than enough times to seeing Shamu do tricks. There was so much to see and do while walking around Sea World. I hope that one day the controversy around Sea World dies down and changes are made. Even though there are some things to be said about this legendary park, I hope to go their one day again.

Washington D.C.

The capitol of the United States of America is filled with history! Through monuments and buildings that were built in the past millennium, there is so much to see and do. Getting to read what was behind the memorials on the walls and the names was a wonder. There was just so much to read from one monument alone. One of my favorite places to visit was the World War II memorial. As a huge World War II buff, getting to see all the beauty of this monument brought some tears to my eyes. This memorial was beautifully designed and pictures do not do it justice. Getting to see all of the war memorials came with the reminder that freedom is not free. The many men and women who gave their lives are remembered in these structures.

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Fisher’s Island

Embedded image permalinkOne of the many places I have memories of going to as a child is Fisher’s Island, New York. There are some pictures that I could not find, but the ones that I did find involved fishing off of the island. Fisher’s Island is a small island right off the coast. A small community with a small school with just a few stores around. The peacefulness of this place is a blessing to make it a perfect place to relax for a day in the summer time. I haven’t been over there in a while, but I do enjoy the quiet that came with Fisher’s Island.

Disney World

Walt Disney World has to be the happiest place on earth! Yes, I know that is their main logo, but none the less Disney is a happy place. Every time I go there I feel like a kid again, from taking picture with all of the characters to riding on Splash Mountain. Disney just has the whole package with bringing out the child in you. Looking through all of the photos of Disney brings back all of the happy memories again and again.

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Many years between elementary school and high school my family took a trip to Maine. The same place each year, where we would visit lighthouses, the beach, and a family favorite eatery Moody’s Diner. Then there were days when we just stayed at the cabin. On those days we would just read, swim, and/or go for a kayak. One of the first years were were there we had our first underwater camera. Looking back over the pictures of Maine brought back many memories from those years long ago. Maine is an ideal place to go and relax for vacation, for me there is no doubt I will be returning there one day.

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Rosh Hashanah

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To all who are Jewish Happy Rosh Hashanah! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year filled with peace and happiness. From blowing the shofar to enjoying honey with apples, I hope that these many traditions carry on through out the next year. Shana Tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Reminiscing Story Land

As a child, one of the places my parents took my sister and I for a couple days was up the New Hampshire. We would pack up the car and drive up there. One of the two amusement parks we visited was Story Land. When ever, I look at these photos, I remember all of the good times I had. From riding in the dutch shoe to going up to Cinderella’s castle in a pumpkin carriage, there was so much to enjoy. A few years ago, I revisited Story Land. Many of the things that were once big turned small. But, seeing all of the children enjoy their time there brought back memories of long ago. Story Land is a treasure that I hope stays around so I can bring my own kids their one day.