Blogging 201: Day 4 Give’em What They Want

Poetry & Quotes #poetry #quotesAfter looking over some of my former blog posts to see where and how I was able to get followers and stats going, I discovered that it was mainly through poetry. In the past few months poetry is something that I have enjoyed doing, but I have not been blogging poetry lately as I hope to work on a book. Other times it is because I don’t have writers block and can’t seem to write a poem when I want to. Poetry is something that I find freeing in a way to better express myself.

It's time for women to stop being politely angry. -Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize Winner #feminism #activismThe second part of my blog that I found works well with followers is my Girl Power section. There are many views and compliments I have gotten through, what I hope, is empowering young girls with positive role models. There are many people who claim that there are no good role models for girls out there. But, I do believe that there are ones that are good to inspire young girls to be who they want to be. I do believe that some of these role models inspire young boys as well. I hope that by opening the door to showing that there are role models for girls where “sexy” and “stupid” aren’t their only good attributes. But, brains, morals, and self confidence are with them as well. In the world we live in so many girls are taught to focus on being dumb and their figure, not much else.


100 Followers!!!!!!!!! Thank you all sooooooo much!!!! I love y'all! Thanks for following me!!!!!! :D

I just found out I reached 100 followers! I am overjoyed and beyond grateful that I have received this many followers. I feel blessed, thank you to all who are following me. You have inspired me to continue with blogging and writing from criticism to compliments I appreciate all of you. Thank you once again!

Thank you to my followers I greatly appreciate it ! Hope we pin more great pins this up coming 2015 year!!! ~ xoxoxo

Juneau, Alaska

The first port in Alaska was Juneau, the only capital in the United States where no roads lead to. The excursion that I had participated in was a raft ride down a river. After hitting some rough spots and getting drenched in thirty degree glacier water, the ending was perfect. Looking over some of the pictures and reminiscing about my time aboard a freezing and wet raft, I look at it as fun. This adventure I would have loved to do again.

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Day 3: Get Read All Over

80s Tech Listen to the radio show and watch 80s videos at htp://

Day 3 is all about making sure that I am able to get my theme all over the place, meaning from mobile phones to computers. After reading this I checked it out and making sure that I am able to get it all over. Got the A okay for it all over, which made me happy and excited to know that this blog can go farther than I dreamed.

Blogging 201: Audit Your Brand

How to audit your brand to make sure that it is CLEAR and extra AWESOME! (Plus FREE checklists!)my brand is something that had me stumped when I heard about this. I had to think about what I had done on my blog that had made me able to say to the world about myself. I had to go and look back at my own blog for a moment to see what my blog said about me to the world of blogging, writing, and/or in general.

The theme of my blog has come through as a writer in progress. I have the header set with a stack of papers with glasses sitting on top to show my seriousness about writing. I know that making a career in writing is difficult because there is competition out there. Writing is something that is a learning journey, when I find myself starting up with a short story I don’t know where it will lead until the end. Sometimes, I have to stop and think about what I am about to write before I am able to come up with a good ending. Other times I find the story going on and on and on, then having to take the tough time editing out what I don’t and do need. As for my username, it is my first two initials, last name, and birth date. I know it is a little original, but I am comfortable using it.

HAs for the use of widgets, I have not really used them. I believe social media connections that I am using has helped me improve my brand. There are several actions that can counter my brand when it comes down to using these, such as there being one to many used. Such as everyone using Facebook to get noticed or YouTube which has lead many people to achieve fame. I believe that the use of social media has become a blessing and a curse at the same time because everyone runs to it to make a living nowadays. None the less I hope that by expanding my brand through the use of social media and making my blog more noticeable help me achieve my dream.

Auditing my brand is not an easy thing as many things come into my mind at the same time. There is a lot to go with getting out there and getting noticed. As for selling things, I have to look over a few things in order to make my own dreams come true.I hope you have some feedback for how to improve.

Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

15 Simple Moves That Will Change Your Career #refinery29  1. Get specific about your goals and keep them visible.  Julie got into the business after realizing how chaotic her own life was. "It was chaos. I always lost things, and I lived out of piles — it was just a mess." But, when her daughter was born, she realized, "'I can do this to myself, but I can’t do it to another human being.'" That's the crux of her No. 1 tip: Always ...For the last part of the month of July, I have decided to participate in Blogging 201: Branding and Growth. The first assignment is coming up with three goals. After some contemplation I have come up with the three goals that I have decided to set for myself for what I hope to achieve after this course has taken place.

1. To self-publish. Although, I have not shared any of my book yet, I am currently working on a book of my own. I don’t know how to get a book contract, but I do hope to get self published on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

2. To gain notoriety. For me this one goes ties right in with number one. I hope that through this blog I am able to achieve more followers and hopefully leads to a full career. I am not hoping to receive a movie deal or get on The New York Times bestseller list. I am just hoping to get noticed and achieve my dream.

3. To get criticism. I know this sounds weird, but getting criticism is one thing I hope to gain from this course. I hope that by getting some more followers and more people reading my work they will give me feedback. I have received both negative and positive feedback. To be honest I hope to receive some negative feedback so I know what I have to improve on.

Jessicakes: How To Make An Open Book Cake -this is seriously genius.

Chattanooga follow up

Last night I posted about the terrible shooting that happened in Chattanooga, TN that resulted in four marines being dead. It was not until I woke up this morning that I learned their names. Gunnery Sgt. Thomas J. Sullivan who had received a Purple Heart who served in Iraq, Staff Sgt. David A. Wyatt who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist who served in Afghanistan, and Lance Cpl. Squire K. Wells who was in the reserves. All four men will be remembered for who they are and their service to our country.

Chattanooga Shooting

Today, there were four marines who were gunned down at a military recruiting center. To know, that four brave people who have served my country is saddening to hear that they passed away on U.S. soil. Learning that this is being treated as a terrorist attack saddens me, but I know that my country, America does not tolerate terrorists. May these four men be remembered and not forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Waikiki Beach

On the first couple nights on my Hawaiian journey I was in Waikiki Beach. The hotel that I stayed in was right across from the beach. The thing to do in Hawaii was going to the beach everyday I guess. Not being a beach person myself, I enjoyed my time at the beach their. Waikiki was truly a beautiful place to visit. I truly hope to go back their one day.

Having the city right on the water made the beach a little louder than I am used to. None the less the day was truly wonderful.

Oh Disgust

Mashable presents Disgust, the second of five character posters for "Inside Out."Disgust is something we feel when we see or hear something that we do not care for. In this final piece of the last emotion shown in Inside Out by Disney/Pixar, disgust was the green and constantly annoyed one. Representing what annoys us and how hard it is to keep some feelings under wraps, disgust says it all. Not one to hold back and one that runs to help, Disgust has good intentions throughout the film. Disgust is a feeling we try to suppress, but sneaks up on us from time to time. Disgust is one feeling that we have to know right from wrong. Disgust makes us individuals if you think about it, what we like and what we don’t like. Disgust is by far, one emotion we cannot live without because it is one that makes us human.