Theater Thursday: Newsies

Newsies (musical) poster.jpg

A day late with my Theater Thursday post, however, better late than never. The popular Disney musical Newsies has managed to make it’s way onto Broadway. Following Jack Kelly and his team of newspaper delivery boys as they start a strike. Demanding they get what they deserve from their boss for doing their job they manage to grab the attention of local journalists. Even though their voice is not heard for some time, they manage to get the attention of Joseph Pulitzer and, then New York governor, Theodore Roosevelt to their campaign. However, Jack is met with much opposition as his plans start to unravel he makes it clear he is not going to give up easily.


Read It Wednesday: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express First Edition Cover 1934.jpgOne of the worlds most prolific murder mysteries comes from Agatha Christie’s book Murder on the Orient Express. Following in her famed private detective Hercule Poirot finds himself struggling to solve the case of a deceased elderly, yet unliked, man who had asked him for help. In a jam packed train there are suspects around every corner. Everyone whom Poirot interviews has a motive. Everyone has a reason to see this man dead. The only question is, who did it? Murder on the Orient Express still remains one of the most beloved mystery stories of all time.

TV Tuesday: Westworld

Westworld (TV series) title card.jpg

Imagine one day you woke up and discovered your life was a lie. Everything you have done is being controlled by men and women at a corporation. As you are an android you have no say in your life and all of your memories are false. Well, in the HBO show Westworld, that starts to happen to their characters.

In a popular amusement park people from all around come to spend time living in the wild wild west as it once was. As the series goes on several of their “hosts” are androids who begin to discover everything about their surroundings. Upon the discovery they threaten the future of the park as well as their home. With outsiders coming in from a modern world they begin to wonder about the life they are living, while trying to find freedom for themselves.

Music Monday: Celine Dion


One of the most recognizable voices in the music world today has to beĀ  Celine Dion. Many people recognize her voice on the legendary track “My Heart Will Go On” from the blockbuster Titanic. But, she has gone on to do so much more with music with singles like “It’s All Coming Back to Me” and “Alive” have gone on to become well known by many. Much of her music continues to live on as she has proven herself to be a legend.

Photo Friday


This week has been long and exhausting, for me personally. I feel like I needed a pick me up when I found this photo of a beluga whale I had snapped at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. Unfortunately, due to the glare in the glass you can see some of the reflection on the other side of the glass. Never the less, this photo made me smile after a long and, for some reason, crazy week.

Theater Thursday: Monty Python’s: Spamalot

Quite possibly one of the funniest musicals out there has to be Monty Python’s: Spamalot. Based on the hit comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail. we follow the same story line but with some music. Throughout the play the jokes are still there while mocking the epic tale of King Arthur as he searches for the Holy Grail. There are many laughs to be had in Monty Python’s: Spamalot!

Read-It Wednesday: Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones was the first full series of books that I finished. I started reading them when I was about 7 or 8, third grade, when my little sister was born. I could relate to these books a lot. I always thought the journal entries were interesting and funny to read. This was my favorite series that I read in elementary school.

There is nothing quite like the children’s series Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park. Following the misadventures of a mischievous kindergartner day by day. She winds up in some of the craziest situations that most can’t imagine happening at a young age. From ending up with a fruit cake to being locked in school to attempting to become a flower girl there is nothing that stops this little girl. After a few books she makes her way into the first grade where some more chaos ensues. Never the less, it is always a comedic adventure following Junie B. Jones.

TV Tuesday: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 2010 logo.svg

What would happen if zombies started walking the earth? Chaos? Power struggle? Peaceful resolution? Well, in the hit show The Walking Dead we are introduced into a world where the apocalypse has begun. Many people rally around local Sheriff Rick Grimes as he starts to lead people to safety. Along the way he makes enemies but gains the trust of multiple fighters like Daryl Dawson and Michonne who build an army. Throughout the series they are threatened by many, but nothing seems to break them as they continue to move forward on a trail to survival.

Music Monday: John Lennon

Today at work I was listening to a podcast about the wonderful musician John Lennon. Even though he is best known as being a member of the hit band The Beatles, he has managed to prove himself to be a powerful force. Even without the music he was able to make his mark in the world by advocating for peace and his involvement in the anti-war movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Songs like “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance” have all resonated with people today and of yesterday. John Lennon met a tragic end when he was shot to death on a street in New York City on December 8, 1980. Yet, even with a violent death he is still celebrated and remembered for his music, activism, and dream of a world peace.

Photo Friday


Today the winds of winter returned to Connecticut. This cold snap, as they call it, has brought out the: hats, mittens, gloves and scarves for many. There doesn’t seem to be a close end to the bitter cold that has come, especially since the temperature dropped to the mid-twenties today after waking up to it being just above thirty. Never the less, winter is upon us once again.