Writing 201: Farewell

An Ode to Writing 201

Only two weeks this class started

I didn’t realize how fast it would end

I have learned more about poetry

Through sonnets,odes, and limericks

I now can carry on the skills I have picked up

Many talented writers on blogs

I enjoy reading now

I hope to see some of you

In Blogging U courses again

Writing 201: Future

A Sonnet of the Future

Looking out the window wondering what is there

Wondering what it is going to be is more like it

What will life bring me?

Will I be able to handle what comes my way?

What will I get?

Will I be rich? Will I be famous?

Or will I be poor and needy?

What the future brings, I don’t know

I hope to find out soon

So I can be calm.

Writing 201: Landscape

Looking Down

I walk up the steps

To the next level

I look down at

The city below

Paris! The city of lights

I see cars moving

At the speed of light

The seine has a small boat

Floating by

I love the view of Paris from here

It is something I will remember so dear

Writing 201: Drawer

An Ode to My Socks

My feet are cold

I need them now

I look through my drawer

I see a pair of green fluffy socks

I put them on

My feet feel warm

I had a regular pair of socks on before

Now with green fluffy socks on

Over these normal gray ones

My feet feel warm again.

Writing 201: Hero


Looking up above

I see a man fly by

I saw an angel

Who valued freedom more than life

I know my friend now has wings

Because protecting freedom

Meant more to him

Than life itself

I think of him flying constantly

Hoping that one day

I will get to fly with him

Writing/Poetry 201: Concrete Poetry

The Bird

The Bird

         Had to fly South for winter

                  To escape the cold the North

                                    Was about to receive

                   Leaving before snow fell

             the bird chirped good bye

     To its nest

Saying good-bye

           to start a new beginning

                  The bird spread its wings

                                                 and started to fly

                   tomorrow would bring a new day

           The bird thought as it said good-bye

To yesterday

Water Poetry 201

Freed from a suspended balloon a fraction of a second earlier, water maintains a balloon-like shape for a fraction more—long enough for Serge Raymond to capture the moment in a picture featured in National Geographic's Daily Dozen in June.


When it is cold it turns to ice

Sometimes it can feel nice

When water freezes you know its cold

And getting a drink can be hard to hold

You cool water when it is hot

So you can cool down when it is not

Water is a friend not a foe

Water is a good thing you know