Photo Friday


One year ago today I was in South Dakota enjoying a Chuck Wagon Dinner. Well, Facebook was kind enough to remind me about it. In the photo is Cowboy Keith, the main man who serenaded us through the night. There was dancing and singing through out as we enjoyed our dinner. A Chuck Wagon Dinner is one thing that you have to experience.

Theater Thursday: Les Miserables


This past Sunday, I saw my favorite musical of all time Les Miserables. Many people ask why this is my favorite given the subject matter, but the story of Jean Valjean’s redemption has meaning. Following Jean Valjean from hardened criminal to an honest man after he made a promise to God when a Bishop saved him from being sent back to the chain gang for stealing a loaf of bread. However, Valjean is pursued recklessly by the legally blinded Javert as he tries to live a normal life raising the daughter of Fantine, a young woman who gave everything for her daughter. In this touching and moving story there are many tears to be shed.

Read It Wednesday: Pollyanna

Pollyanna (Eleanor Porter book) first edition cover.jpg

Growing up I remember when I first read Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter. Following the orphan Pollyanna Whittier as she looks on the bright side of life in the toughest of times. However, her bitter Aunt Polly pays no attention allowing her to spend time sharing her happiness to the rest of the small town she now lives in. But, when Pollyanna ends up in an accident it is up to the town to cheer up the happy girl who brought sunshine into their lives.

TV Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars (TV series) logo.svg

A day ago it was announced that the popular Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars was getting a spin off. The hit series following four girls as they uncover the truth about a friends murder. That is how the series begins, but as it goes on secrets are uncovered about each of them, including their friend. All of this leads to crazy finales with startling endings. e

Music Monday: Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey turned what the world said was a challenge into a gift. Because to sing your true song, you've got to #LoveYourNature.

An unknown name to many, unless you watch America’s Got Talent is Mandy Harvey. Born hearing and becoming deaf this brave young woman has not given up on her music dreams. With original songs she still managed to climb the charts on iTunes with her original “Try” and a new memoir coming out there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping her.

Photo Friday


Welp, the First Day of Autumn is here. Leaves like this one will be filling the streets for the next couple of months and beyond. Yellow, brown, orange, and red colors will soon fill up trees. Well, some trees already have colors on them other than green on them. Leaves like this one will make future a little more bright.

Theater Thursday: Gypsy

Playbill Cover for Gypsy at Shubert Theatre - Opening Night, May 2003One of the rare musicals that follows the turbulent life of an icon is Gypsy. Following Gypsy Rose Lee as she goes from a neglected child to a famous burlesque dancer. Gypsy starts with her stereotypical stage mother Rose fawning over her daughter June not paying much attention to the talent Gypsy has. However, when June runs off, Rose starts to harp on Gypsy to move on up in the shady business that is show business. But, Gypsy starts to find herself more isolated as she moves up with her domineering mother leading to a strained relationship. Gypsy ends up having to figure out what to do is best for herself in the end.

Garden of Shadows


The prequel to the Dollanganger series, Garden of Shadows, by V.C. Andrews gives us light into their twisted world. Following the grandmother as she falls for Malcolm Foxworth. Handsome and smart she is grateful to be saved from spinsterhood. However, soon after their marriage she finds the Foxworth family is not as they seemed. From the moment she becomes pregnant with her first child, Malcolm starts to treat her with disdain and going as far as to lust after the maid. Soon, Olivia starts to become the cold leading the vivacious woman to become the evil grandmother we meet in Flowers in the Attic.

TV Tuesday: The Andy Griffith Show

Image result for The Andy Griffith Show title card

One of the most popular family oriented shows of all time has to be the Andy Griffith Show. Following Andy Griffith as widowed Sheriff Andy Taylor and his comedic misadventures with his son Opie, fellow police officer Barney Fife, and his Aunt Bee the laughs don’t stop. There is much to be said in the town of Mayberry, North Carolina as everyone knows everyone and everything for family’s today can still venture to a simpler time.

Music Monday: Shakira


Shakira - Shakira (2014).png

Shakira is a one of a kind singer. Born and raised in Colombia the singer, songwriter, and producer there is really nothing that stops her. With hits like “Whenever, Wherever” and “She Wolf”, as well as being a coach on The Voice she blazes on. With lending a hand to various charitable organizations Shakira uses her talent for her beliefs as well. Shakira is a name that will live on in history.