I love to read! Anything I can get my hands on I find a way to read it. Whether it be a magazine or a book, I can’t stop myself from reading sometimes. My top five favorite are: The Bible, The Great Gatsby, Macbeth, 1984, and Les Miserables. I don’t really have a favorite magazine or newspaper. Each of these books transported me to a different world. I was able to laugh and cry going through the journey that started with one page and ended on the last.

Ending illiteracy across the world is something that I strongly believe in. Without being able to read words we would be lost. You who are now reading this might want to know that many people around the world do not have the opportunity to learn how to read because of their social class standing. Just think you are trying to catch the bus to go see your parents. When you get to the bus station you ask for the time the next bus leaves. When you go to the person selling the tickets, they tell you that the bus you are looking for is there. You then board the bus to go see your parents. As the bus is moving along you begin to realize you are not going the same way as you usually do. You then go to the bus driver and ask him when you stop is. He replies that he does not go that way. Suddenly, you are in a awful situation where you can get lost easily. You then approach the bus driver and ask him when the next bus stop is and he tells you. The bus continues to on and you ask the bus driver when the stop is. The driver tells you there was a sign a few miles back at the stop. Unfortunately, in this situation you can’t read. There were two buses at the terminal and you got on the wrong one. Just think that one mistake can lead to a situation where you have to rely on little knowledge you have.

Learning to read is just part of the puzzle for educating the rest of the world. Those who do not aspire to learn how to read do not know what they could be missing. There are many things that people can lose out on because of not being able to read. Now, for those who cannot read because they live in an area where their social class standing is not deemed good enough. They deserve to learn how to read as much as I did. Literacy is a birth right, not a special right.

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