Read-It Wednesday: The Magician’s Lie

Water For Elephants meets The Night Circus (apparently) in new novel The Magician's Lie. Here's my review...:

Greer Macallister’s book The Magician’s Lie brings you into a world like no other. The Amazing Arden is a world famous female illusionist. However, when her husband is found lifeless she comes under suspicion from police officer Virgil. Taken into police custody, Virgil learns of a completely different story from what he saw.

TV Tuesdays: The Bachelor/Bachelorette

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One of my guilty pleasures is the ABC TV show The Bachelor/Bachelorette. On this show they show the traditional way to find love and happiness, one man or woman living in a mansion while thirty one other people who are there vie for their heart. Through group dates, drama, and bloopers there seems to be nothing short of stopping original people skyrocket to stardom simply because they are looking for love.

Music Monday: Lee Greenwood

God Bless the USA 1984.jpg

Many people do not know who Lee Greenwood is. Yet, he wrote one of the most famous patriotic songs ever: God Bless the USA. Today, in America is Memorial Day. A day to honor those who have died in service of the great country I was born and raised in. Lee Greenwood is a country artist who became known for his song God Bless the USA, while writing and creating other songs that are not as known. Yet, today is a day to give thanks for those who gave all for freedom.

Photo Friday


In America, this weekend is Memorial Day. Several people are going to celebrate with family and friends having a barbecue, sleeping in, and partaking in sales. However, it is important to not forget why we have Memorial Day off. In the photo I picked for today is part of an airplane that was used in the Air Force. I don’t remember what year, yet it is a reminder of the term all gave some and some gave all to me.

Theater Thursday: West Side Story

It is a 1950’s version of Romeo and Juliet set in New York City. From battling games Maria and Tony find themselves in love. The only problem is they don’t have the support to stay in love in New York City. After tragedy strikes, they decide to leave the city and live in peace elsewhere. Sadly, Maria and Tony are unable to have the life they hoped to lead together.

Read-It Wednesday: Mockingjay


Katniss Everdeen finds herself in the worst position possible after being saved from the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Her home is gone, Peeta is in custody, and she has become the idol for the rebellion against the Capitol. Stepping into all of these roles earns her the respect of family, friends, and enemies. However, she finds that something isn’t quite right with the leaders of District 13, including their president. Katniss does what she can to save her family and friends. Sadly, tragedy tends to follow her through out the final war.

TV Tuesday: Dancing with the Stars

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One of my favorite TV shows still running is Dancing with the Stars. Tonight is the season finale, once again, where they crown the mirror ball trophy. Each season twelve celebrities are cast and partnered with a dancing professional. Each week they must learn a new dance, win over the public, and earn the judges approval in order to make it to the next week. Nothing is short of stopping this long running dance competition. Not going anywhere anytime soon Dancing with the Stars is one that is going to stay around.


To all of those affected by the horrible and senseless tragedy in Manchester, England last night my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am extremely saddened and heartbroken by this event that took place at the Manchester Arena. There are no words to describe this pointless tragedy.

Music Monday: Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn - Fight Like A Girl (2012):

Many people have never heard of Emilie Autumn. I didn’t hear of her either until a couple of years ago. When I first listened to her music I was mesmerized. A combination of her playing the violin, rock, and Victorian fashion there is nothing quite like her. Several of her songs are poems she used to make into a glam rock/electronica/classic music. Emilie Autumn is an artist that several people have never heard of, yet she is a true visionary when others hear her words and music.

Photo Friday


Happy Friday! Or should I say summer? Better not jinx it. Today, the weather is nice and warm signalling in the days of the hot summer. Many will be heading to the beach, while others enjoy ice cream by the pool. Summer is almost here!