Theater Thursday: Working

Who builds the buildings? What is it like to be a hurried waitress? How do suitcases get made? Well, some of these answers and many more are answered in the musical Working. Following in the lives of several different adults as they face the working world. The struggles they face with times changing with some contemplating the mistakes they made in life that lead them there. Explaining the dangers some of their jobs have, like a millworker who’s job requires physical stress and a bus driver who has to deal with constant people, happy and sad on a daily basis. There is nothing that stops them from telling you their story. Listening to them, tends to give you a different perspective on the world with an appreciation for the ones who are behind the scenes.

Read-It Wednesday: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ernest Hemingway has written some of the most respected works in literature. In his popular book For Whom the Bell Tolls taking place during the Spanish Civil War is no different. Following Robert Jordan, a young American who finds himself wrapped up in the midst of the guerrilla warfare that has started to take place. For Robert he ends up on a journey where he ends up in a camp where he meets Maria who’s life has been shattered after her family is killed. Together Robert and Maria find love in each other. Sadly, there is more going on with the fascists whom they are fighting. Being ordered by generals to partake in dangerous missions threatens both of their lives forcing Robert to make a decision that will determine his future forever.

TV Tuesday: The Crown

The Crown Title Card.jpg

This week there has been widespread news about Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle. A real life fairy tale as an ordinary American girl marries a prince from across the pond. Never the less, in honor of this wonderful news, I decided to do a royal themed TV show.

The Crown has become one of the most popular series on Netflix. Following in Queen Elizabeth II as she ascends to the throne of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms. But, not is as easy as it seems. With love, life, education, and family she battles her feelings against her royal duties and image she must maintain. Her beloved husband, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and sister Margaret Rose stands by her the best they can. Nothing is as it seems in a perfect life, yet Elizabeth manages to do things her way making way for change.

Music Monday: Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin-Pearl (album cover).jpg

One of the most iconic woman in rock today has to be Janis Joplin. Even after her tragic death at twenty-seven she still manages to sell albums and influence future artists. Many in the 1960’s flocked to listen to her sing on stage, even at Woodstock, as she sang her way into their hearts. Unfortunately, she passed away too soon leaving behind many to wonder what could have been. Yet, she has managed to make her mark with her hit albums, like Pearl, and songs like “Me and Bobby McGee” and “Piece of My Heart” are still loved today by a new generation. Regardless of what you may think of her, there is no denying Janis Joplin is a legend in her own right.

Photo Friday


Today marks the official beginning of the holiday season. With decorations going up and Santa Clause making his annual appearance, there doesn’t seem to be anything from slowing down the season of giving. This is a special time a year as many start to celebrate the end of the year as a new one is about to begin.

Theater Thursday: Newsies

Newsies (musical) poster.jpg

A day late with my Theater Thursday post, however, better late than never. The popular Disney musical Newsies has managed to make it’s way onto Broadway. Following Jack Kelly and his team of newspaper delivery boys as they start a strike. Demanding they get what they deserve from their boss for doing their job they manage to grab the attention of local journalists. Even though their voice is not heard for some time, they manage to get the attention of Joseph Pulitzer and, then New York governor, Theodore Roosevelt to their campaign. However, Jack is met with much opposition as his plans start to unravel he makes it clear he is not going to give up easily.

Read It Wednesday: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express First Edition Cover 1934.jpgOne of the worlds most prolific murder mysteries comes from Agatha Christie’s book Murder on the Orient Express. Following in her famed private detective Hercule Poirot finds himself struggling to solve the case of a deceased elderly, yet unliked, man who had asked him for help. In a jam packed train there are suspects around every corner. Everyone whom Poirot interviews has a motive. Everyone has a reason to see this man dead. The only question is, who did it? Murder on the Orient Express still remains one of the most beloved mystery stories of all time.

TV Tuesday: Westworld

Westworld (TV series) title card.jpg

Imagine one day you woke up and discovered your life was a lie. Everything you have done is being controlled by men and women at a corporation. As you are an android you have no say in your life and all of your memories are false. Well, in the HBO show Westworld, that starts to happen to their characters.

In a popular amusement park people from all around come to spend time living in the wild wild west as it once was. As the series goes on several of their “hosts” are androids who begin to discover everything about their surroundings. Upon the discovery they threaten the future of the park as well as their home. With outsiders coming in from a modern world they begin to wonder about the life they are living, while trying to find freedom for themselves.

Music Monday: Celine Dion


One of the most recognizable voices in the music world today has to beĀ  Celine Dion. Many people recognize her voice on the legendary track “My Heart Will Go On” from the blockbuster Titanic. But, she has gone on to do so much more with music with singles like “It’s All Coming Back to Me” and “Alive” have gone on to become well known by many. Much of her music continues to live on as she has proven herself to be a legend.

Photo Friday


This week has been long and exhausting, for me personally. I feel like I needed a pick me up when I found this photo of a beluga whale I had snapped at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. Unfortunately, due to the glare in the glass you can see some of the reflection on the other side of the glass. Never the less, this photo made me smile after a long and, for some reason, crazy week.