Food, Food, Food

IMG_9612.JPGAh yes, food one of the many things people love. No one can live without food. However, when I am experiencing PMS and I am menstruating I feel my eating habits change. Yes, this is another post part of the period series.

Whenever I am encountering PMS and my period I find myself craving double bacon cheeseburgers with pickle and onions, buffalo chicken pizza, and shrimp tacos with black beans, avocados, and rice, and of course chocolate. Whenever I feel like I cannot get enough of these I know that my period is right around the corner. Unfortunately, my cravings aren’t too healthy.

IMG_9985.JPGYup, period cravings for junk food, at least for me, are the worst. After I eat one too many burgers I feel sick and bloated. Yes, I know that being bloated is part of having a period, but it feels different. I find it hard at times to resist all of my cravings during this time. At times I do find it easier to give in and have at least one burger, pizza, and/or taco. Not at the same time, but it does help.

I find ways to keep healthy when I am experiencing these cravings by eating fruits and vegetables and well balanced meals. I find going to the gym, yoga, walking, and swimming in the summer as a way to help take my mind off what I am craving. While, I do watch television, at times I get up during commercial breaks in order to avoid one that feature fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King and chain restaurants like Red Lobster and Pizza Hut.

I believe that one of the toughest things, other than cramps and feeling sick, is dealing with food while menstruating. I am not saying to avoid burgers, pizza, tacos, and other junk food during your cycle, but trying to find ways to lessen the cravings and have a healthy diet during your period is important. Personally, I believe that it is okay to give into your cravings every once and a while. Trust me, I don’t know what I would do with out bacon cheeseburgers, shrimp tacos, and buffalo chicken pizza and chocolate. But, my cravings during PMS and my period tend to get a little out of control leading to a need for a little bit of control over what I eat.

75 Years Ago Today


75 years ago today Operation Overlord started in Normandy, France. The day, known as D-Day, happened on June 6, 1944. This invasion marked the beginning of the end of the Nazi tyranny in Europe when brave men from: The United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada stormed the beaches by air and sea. Many of them did not survive the first day. Around the world there were memorial services for the men who gave their lives this day seventy-five years ago. There are videos and photos of D-Day Veterans returning to Normandy to for these services and to visit their fallen brothers in arms in the cemeteries. June 6, 1944 is a day that continues to live on as the men who gave their lives are not forgotten.

Stuffed Portabello Mushroom Recipe

MushroomTonight I decided to make stuffed mushrooms for dinner. I was googling Stuffed Portabello Mushroom recipes. However, I found that I didn’t have all the ingredients from different recipes. So, I decided to make up my own!


3 eggs (beaten)

3/4 cup bread crumbs

1/2 Tbs garlic powder

1/4 cup olive oil

3 T Parsley

4 Portabello Mushrooms

Salt and Pepper

1 cup Monterey Jack cheese


Preheat oven to 450 degrees. While oven is preheated grease a cooking pan. Remove stems from mushrooms, then place them in the pan. Sprinkle the salt and pepper in the mushrooms. Put the mushrooms in the oven for 20 minutes.

While mushrooms are roasting mix: garlic powder, parsley, eggs, olive oil, and bread crumbs. When the mushrooms are done roasting spread the mixture in the mushrooms evenly. Then place back in the oven on 350 for five minutes.

After this, sprinkle the Monterey Jack cheese on top of the mushrooms. Place back in oven heated on 350 degrees for five minutes. Then eat and enjoy. But, don’t forget to turn the oven off!!!