The Tower’s Anniversary

The Towers Anniversary

Exposition Universelle de 1900. Le globe était une attraction pour les visiteurs venus du monde entier qui assis dans des fauteuils admiraient des panoramas du système solaire...

Over a hundred years ago

In Paris no doubt

A tower was built

It is called

Le Tour Eiffel

In English

The Eiffel Tower

Some of the Parisians


They did not care for

the structure

But the tower was built

For the 1900 Exhibition

Being held in Paris no doubt

These people had hoped

It would be taken down

But, some found it pretty

The structure the tower had

As different as all the

Towers around

They hoped and prayed the tower would stay

And the tower did stay

Today, the tower is

World wide renowned

Many people hope to visit

Climb the stairs

Eat in the restaurant

Ride in the lifts

Make it to the very top

Of the Eiffel Tower

Today is the day

Long ago the tower was built

The towers anniversary is today

I hope you make it to the top

One day

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Remembering The Queen

Remembering The Queen

Selena Quintanilla Accomplishments & Star Power

Selena Quintanilla 1971-1995

There once was a queen

Who sang beautifully

Her music inspired many

She did so much for those

Who had so few

One day an angry

Person shot a gun

And she lost her life

Her name was Selena

The Queen of Tejano

She was inspiring

She was a role model

Her music lives on

So does her spirit

In death the queen

Only lost her life

But in her loving memory

We remember her today

For who she was

Slow Down

Slow Down

that didn't take long    (

Today my daddy went to work

He works with cranes

On the street

Just a few hours ago

Someone wasn’t paying attention

They ignored the signs

That said slow down for work zones

My daddy got hit

My mommy told me when she

picked me up from school

I went to the hospital

With my mommy

To say good-bye

To my daddy

I didn’t think this would happen

So soon

My mommy and I

Are burying daddy

Near our house

So I can so see daddy

And talk to him

At his grave

I hope you learn

From this tale

My daddy should be alive

But one driver

Did not pay attention

And killed my daddy

This morning

In honor of National Work Zone Safety week. Please pay attention when you are on the road to construction workers.

The Princess

The PrincessI'll always look for you Mom, but you'll never be coming home again. Not in the physical sense anyway.  I know you are here with me 'just in the other room'.  I love you, xox

Why does every girl dream of being a princess

The princess thinks

I have close to no freedom

Behind the castle walls

I have many obligations

That started when I was young

I was born into this job

A princess is born into a life of fame

There is no privacy

No time to play games

I am a princess

I have my duties

To my country and to others

Early to bed

Early to rise

Is my schedule

That I must oblige

I have a private tutor

For school

I don’t get a choice

To go to school with kids

I want to be more free

But I can’t

In the future

My country will look to me

To lead them

To guide them

To keep them safe from harm

When I am queen

Unfortunately, these all come with a price

I always want to know

Why a princess life is glamorized?

There is so much work involved

My marriage is already arranged

I can’t marry for love

Like the other girls say

The other girls talk about their prince charming

Mine was already chosen

The day after my birth

I hope one day little girls

Know of the work

A princess has

From birth to death

My duties never fade

A princess has no choice

In these matters

Little girls dream of being like me

But, I know a princess

Has tough work to do


The Doctor

The Doctor

become a doctor

Without one I can get sicker

Without one I can’t get better

The doctor is there

To save the day

When I don’t feel one

There is always one to call

When I need help

There is one always there

The doctor has worked hard

To get where he or she is

For one had to sacrifice quite a bit

Nights with no sleep

Countless hours in the lab

Learning all about the body

Taking time to learn chemistry

And how things work together

Preparing to work as a surgeon

Or an outpatient doctor

The doctor is never lacking

In his or her work

They are needed

Not just for me

But for people every where

Happy National Doctors Day!

#84 Ren Stevens

Ren was the overachieving, perfectionist, type-A one. | Community Post: 24 Reasons "Even Stevens" Was The Best Thing To Happen To The Disney Channel...I ALWAYS WANTED 2 B just like her!In Disney Channel’s hit show Even Stevens, we are introduced to the Stevens family. A typical American family, a mom, a dad, and three children. The only daughter of this couple is Ren, a young girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. Ren is always the go-getter, in several different episodes. She shows that she is not afraid to challenge herself when things look grim. Ren doesn’t give up easily and rarely admits defeat. Although,this show is not on television anymore, I hope that Ren Stevens and her family will once again show up so that Ren can inspire more young girls.

The Crow and the Raven

The Crow and the Raven

Two blackbirds that are similar

Yet different

Fly together side by side

The crow looks to the raven

And wonders why

Do people get them confused

I do not look like that raven

The crow knows

But, the raven sees differently

The raven knows

The crow is not as different

From himself.

The rave and crow stop

To take a breath

Landing on branches

They look to each other@2014 Lori McNee NIGHT WATCH - RAVENS 48x24 encaustic wax painting Please email Lori for more info

The crow now sees

The similarities between

Himself and the raven

He begins to think

They are not so different

They do things differently

But are black birds just the same

The raven sqwaks to the crow

And the crow nods to raven

The two take off together

New friends the raven and crow are

The Unicorn

The Unicorn

#unicorn #fantasy     I know it's not real but I just love unicorns...can't help it

All alone in a mystical land

Lives a unicorn

Looking in wonder

Of her surroundings

The unicorn gallops

Towards the hill

In the grass

Among the flowers

The unicorn goes forth

Looking for life

The unicorn is too lonely

So, when movement appears

The unicorn gallops faster

Faster and faster

Towards a new life

Towards many others

The unicorn finally reaches

The top of the hill

Only to see regular horses

None of them have a horn

On the top of their head

The unicorn starts to leave

But, a horse stops her

They want the unicorn to stay

Long ago the unicorn was lost

By it’s first herd

Why did they leave her

She does not know

But these horses

Who are as different as she

Accept her for who she is

So, the unicorn stays

Among the horses

Who don’t have horns

But are not as vain

As the other unicorns

The unicorn is now happy

She feels free

To be herself

Without judgement

Among the horses

The unicorn is forever free

The Ballerina

The Ballerina

En este cuadro veo una bailarina hecha con la técnica seca de pastel. Me encanta el colorido y como ha conseguido el realismo y las tonalidades de la piel, es precioso.

The ballerina twirled and twirled

On her tippy toes

In front of a mirror

To perfect the pirouette

One leg up

And one toe down

Turning her head

So she wouldn’t be dizzy

The ballerina hoped

The practice will pay off

To portray the Swan Queen

In Swan Lake

Is her dream

To stay late at the studio

And practice more

To get up early and stay up late

To practice more

If I don’t get this part now

The ballerina thinks

I will get it another time

In the future I believe

The ballerina stopped

To take a break

To give her body rest

To take a sip of water

Felt so nice

The ballerina got back up

And continued to spin

Imagining the audience

That would applaud

Imagining the little girl

She will inspire

Like she was inspired

Long ago to become

A ballerina

On the stage

I will get this part

No matter what it takes

 I will inspire more

Children to follow their dreams

The ballerina knows that it is time

To rest

So she packs up

And heads home to bed.


The Moon

Το Φεγγάρι!! Τα αγαπημένα μας ρετρό μπλε προσκλητήρια γάμου στις πιο οικονομικές τιμές της αγοράς -

I lay on the grass

I look up at the night sky

I see the moon

I raise my finger

As if to touch

But, it is too far to touch

I hope to walk on the moon

I hope to get some moon dust

What would it feel like

to walk on the moon?

What does moon dust

feel like?

I can only ask these questions

To the astronauts few

Who have accomplished there dream

Of going to the moon

The moon is bright and pretty tonight

I close my eyes

To go to sleep

But the moon light

Keeps me awake

In wonder, I think

Of the moon

So far away

The moon

I hope to go to

One day

I close my eyes

And go to sleep

The moon is what I dream about

On this warm night