The Lights

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The Lights

When I step on stage

 I find the lights


Bright and blinding

I can’t really see

What is in front of me

I know there are people

Out there

I can hear them

Laughing and smiling

At points they clap

I can’t see them

Because of the lights

I look at my co-stars

Who are acting their part

I wonder if they have

The same issue

With the lights

As I do

Now is not the time

To ask

As we are acting out

A scene for

The audience to see

But, the lights

Are for the audience

They have to

See what is happening

To their best ability

They have to see the action

That the lights bring

These lights

Bring so much joy

To them

I learned long ago

To look at the light booth

Not to focus on the lights

Not to look directly

At the lights

The lights are hot

They make me feel

Sweaty and hot

Thankfully, my make-up

Was applied tenderly

I want the lights to show

My true expression

About how I feel

About my job

Acting and singing

I hope they see

I hope they understand

The love of the stage

Is where I feel at home

The lights allow

The people to see that

Even if they don’t

See it right away

The lights

Are blinding

Different colors

Different shapes

Different sizes

And they all shine brightly

 I can’t tell the difference

That each one has

Each one has

their purpose

The lights

Allow me to be

Someone who I am not

I am a character

On this stage

For the enjoyment

Of the audience

The lights let me

Doing what I love

The lights never fade

They never stop shining

Even if a light goes out

The lights

show the enjoyment

I have for my job

And the audience

The lights

Shine through


In the end

#40 Josie and the Pusssycats

Josie and the Pussycats (1970-71) - I have a hard time believing it only ran for one season.  They must've made a wholllllle lotta episodes!Known for their long tails and ears for hats, Josie and the Pussycats sang their way into Saturday morning in 1970. The girl band that consisted of Josie, Melody and Valerie helped showed young girls they can get to your destination in time after running into a few bumps in the road. Literally, many of episodes revolve around the girls on their way to a concert and something happens. They end up on an mystery/adventure, running into the bad guy, who ends up giving them a chase. When they do catch the bad guy they are triumphant and make it to their concert. These girls are fun and adventurous while staying true to themselves. They enjoy playing their music for the crowd which is what their dream is. In the end they follow their dreams, even though they tend to run into trouble.

Writing 101 Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop Rocking

Ah, yes a word challenge to put down. Four hundred words and don’t stop writing at the same time. I found this one rather hard to do because when I heard four hundred words I thought it would be easy. But, it was far from easy. I had to limit the words that I had on paper down. I know that this assignment said at least four hundred words. But, I decided to challenge my self and just do four hundred words. No more no less.

When it comes down to writing down four hundred words a lot comes to mind. Such as what to write about? What can I say that will be meaningful in just these short words? There is description that has to be added into a story or an essay. Right? Wrong! But, I couldn’t think of what to write about that would be able to be done in just four hundred words.

So, being able to set a challenge for myself is tough. The last time I had a challenge like this is when I was applying to college. The college that I was applying to asked to send in a hundred word essay. A hundred words, easy right? Wrong! Trying to just squish in everything about me and why they should admit me was a tough thing. I found myself going over one hundred easily because there was so much I want to say.

After several tries I went to my English teacher and he helped me pull through. I showed him what I had and he helped me shorten the paragraph down. That’s right! Just a paragraph! Not an essay, a paragraph is all you can get out of just one hundred words. But, getting all that information in is not easy. How do you shorten something that is suppose to change your life? How do you define yourself to the college you really want to go to in just one hundred words? No more no less, in this situation as well.

I was finally able to get this paragraph done and sent into the college. A few weeks later I was accepted. The hardest thing I ever had to write and shorten tremendously paid off. I found this challenge to be the same as the college paragraph/essay one. The only difference is that this one is just a few hundred words more.

To Dance

To Dance

"If you dance with your heart, your body will follow." -Mia Michaels #dance #quote

To feel free

To move

In a different way

To walk

To run

To dance

To dance is a magical thing

To see yourself

Moving and feeling

With the beat

That is around you

if there is no music

No sound

To dance

Is something magical

To feel like you are floating

To feel that you are capable of anything

Dancing allows all of those things to happen

To know that someone is watching

And may be judging

Makes dancing

Feel awkward

But, when you dance

You feel free

Like no one

Is watching

To dance

Is magical


It allows us

To feel like we’re flying

To dance is freeing

And stunning

To know that

You are in control

of your body

In ways

That dancing allows

To take you to another place

Where time and space

Don’t exist

Closing your eyes

And imagining

You are somewhere else

With the steps you take

Dancing never fails

To make one feel good

To dance

Is an gift

That should not be taken

For granted

From us

Who love to dance

For those who don’t

Live a life

without the freeing feeling

That dancing brings

In honor of International Dance Day, which was April 29th. Better late than never. I took dance as a child and I can say that my life would be different if I had not taken dance.



Farmers market produce

Summer is almost here

That means more fruit to eat

Looking in the grocery store

And seeing all the colors

The oranges stick out

Colorful and bright

Useful to make juice

Some big

Some small


The price is going down

In the shopping cart

They go

After a long

Hard winter

Of having oranges

From the cold weather

The warm weather

makes the oranges taste differently

Maybe because they are more fresh

Maybe because they didn’t take so long to grow?

I leave the store

And peel an orange

A taste like no other

The first taste of an orange

During warm weather

This orange tastes

Better than the others

I will have

Because it is the first

Oranges are never

To be replace

Later I plan to buy

More oranges

As the weather gets warmer

Oranges are here to stay

For the summer

and maybe a little after

#41 Minnie Jackson

Minni Jackson - The HelpIn Kathryn Stockett’s The Help we are introduced to the sharp tongued, yet loving Minnie Jackson. The maid who has a mind of her own but is afraid to use it. When she does use it at her job as a maid she tends to get fired. You see this story takes place during the 1960’s right at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. We see her stand up to her cruel employer and cower at her abusive husband. But, when she gets a job by chance with Celia Foote, a young woman who has been ostracized. She learns more about herself through her. Celia helps Minnie stand up to her husband and Minnie helps Celia with the torture of being ostracized and unable to conceive. Minnie is able to show young girls through her story that there are those who are there to hear you. They may not want to in the beginning, but Minnie finds that surrounded by people who love and care about her. Minnie evolves into a strong and independent woman by the end of the book learning to stand up for herself and having the voice she knew she had but was intimidated to use it. For Minnie, it took a while for her to accomplish this. But she found it in the end, even if it took a couple of years and a new friend.

Writing 101 Day Eighteen: Hone a Point of View

Growing up on this street for all of my life I am watching something horrible. Mrs. Pauly the nice woman next door who gives me candy and takes care of me after school is being evicted. She raised six sons and none of them came to help her. Three months ago her husband had passed away. Now, she is being pulled from the place she has called home for forty years.

After I looked out my window I headed downstairs once the police cars arrived. The landlord, Mr. Jones greets them and they go inside. I head down to the front steps to watch. Maybe they will let Mrs. Pauly stay a while more? Maybe they have raised money and are letting her stay? Good things like this happen every day, right? Racing down the stairs to get there in time I have to see this. I don’t want to, but I feel that I have to. Mrs. Pauly is more of a friend than babysitter. I don’t want to watch her go, but I feel that it will be my last time to say good-bye.

When I get down to the stoop I see through Mrs. Pauly’s window the police and Mr. Jones. Mrs. Pauly is crying, her face red in her hands. I could tell that she is crying as she sits on the red couch. Helplessly, I try not to cry because I don’t want people to know I am watching. One of the policemen puts his hand on her shoulder. It looks like he is telling her something, maybe they really did raise money so she can stay there longer. Mr. Jones sits down right next to her looking frustrated and ashamed. I could tell by their expressions I what was going to happen. My hopes and prayers of their being money raised for her was not going to happen. She was being evicted. I am never going to see my friend again.

“What are you doing out here, Tammy?” my mother asks. “I am just sitting here enjoying the sunshine. It is a nice day out, the first one in a while,” I respond trying not to let tears flow. My mother looks across the street sighs. “They are evicting Mrs. Pauly today aren’t they?” she inquires. I nod my head and break down in tears. “Why didn’t one of her sons help her? Why didn’t Mr. Pauly leave her more money so she can stay there longer? I don’t want her to leave,” I say choking back tears. “Her sons did everything they could. They sent her money and talked to Mr. Jones on a daily basis. Mr. Jones is not happy about this either. He has tried to keep her as well, lowering her rent and everything. But, he was left with a hefty bill that kept on piling up. He tried everything, but there was too much that had to be paid for that Mr. Jones, her sons, and Mrs. Pauly couldn’t keep up with. You know her husband died of cancer and she was left with hospital bills. Your father and I even helped out Mrs. Pauly. In the end there was nothing any of us could do,” my mother explains. “But after people die there is money left to help them out right?” I ask her. “Their insurance could only do so much. Unfortunately, their bank account got hacked and their accounts were cleared out. This is why your father and I check ours so often. I know it seems unfair but that is how life is sometimes,” my mother says to me. I look at her still crying, she could tell that I didn’t know most of this. “I am going to go over there. Do you want to come?” she asks. I shake my head no. I see her walk across the street and go inside.

As I am watching my mother inside comforting Mrs. Pauly I began to think of what my mother had told me. All of this information about their money situation shocked me. What did she mean by their bank account getting hacked? What did she mean by their insurance could only do so much? Why didn’t Mr. Jones advocate for her a little longer? Why couldn’t her sons help her out more with money? If all of these people really cared about her, why is this happening. I am only twelve years old and don’t quite understand why. This all seems like a dream, I am in a state of wonder and shock. There is nothing anyone can do to help her, not even I.

“Tammy what are you doing out here at this time?” my father asks startling me. “I see that you weren’t expecting me to come home at this time,” my father responds to my shock. “I am just sitting outside taking a break from my homework,” I respond trying to conceal my face. I don’t want him to know that I am watching the horror show happen across the street. My dad looks over and he can tell why I am upset. “Dad, why couldn’t there be more done? What does it mean by insurance can only do so much? What does it mean that their bank account was cleared out? Mom told me all of this. I don’t quite know what she meant be all of this. Can you explain it to me?” I ask in a demanding way. “Insurance is what you get when you grow up in order to help you with hospital bills and the dentist. It is a little tricky to explain to you as you are just twelve. When you are older you will understand. As for their bank account being cleared out there are bad people out there who are hackers. These people do everything they can to get their hands on people’s bank information. They set up scams, they hack computers, they even go as far as scratching the numbers off a debit/credit card. When this man took all of their bank information they caught it too late and there was nothing they could do. All of this was happening during Mr. Pauly’s cancer fight. They landed on hard times after that. Their sons offered only what they could. We even tried to help out. But, the hackers took everything from their savings, retirement fund, and much more. All of Pauly boys now have their own families and them to worry about. When you have a family, then you will understand how much it takes to raise a child. Like I said, everyone, even Mr. Jones did everything to help her. Mr. Jones would even give her extensions on her rent until it became to much and he had to get his rent payment from her. Mr. Jones stuck his neck out for her a couple of times. You see, if Mr. Jones wasn’t the good guy he was, then Mrs. Pauly and Mr. Pauly would have been evicted two years ago. Mr. Jones did a lot to keep her there as long as he could,” my dad explains. I see my mother walking over from Mrs. Pauly’s tears streaming down her face.

“How are you doing dear?” my father asks sneaking in a kiss. “Upset, what Mrs. Pauly is going through she doesn’t deserve,” my mother responds. “Why don’t we go inside and have dinner or watch TV? How does that sound Tammy?” my dad asks me. Questionably, I look at him wondering why he would offer this if he was focused on me finishing my homework. “C’mon lets go inside,” my mother says in a rushed voice. I start to get up and look across the street. Mrs. Pauly was being walked out of the house by the policemen. Crying while hugging Mr. Jones good-bye I watched helplessly as she goes away. “She is going to live with Leo, her son on the other side of town for a little while. She’ll be by to visit from time to time,” my mother tells me running her fingers through my hair.

I start to go inside when I bolt across the street to Mrs. Pauly. Wrapping my arms around her waist I beg her not to go. I plead with the policemen and Mr. Jones. “Tammy, it’s gonna be all right. I will be back from time to time to see you. I promise,” Mrs. Pauly says trying to comfort me. “But, it-it won’t be the same. You won’t be here. You won’t be close by. You’ll be farther away,” I cry. “I know, but Leo is going to let me stay with him until I am able to get my own place. I know I am going to be father, but I will be back,” Mrs. Pauly explains. My parents come over to get me. “Tammy, I know it’s not fair and hard to explain but Mrs. Pauly is going to be with Leo,” my dad says. “Tammy, I am going to be all right. I know I won’t be here. But, I will be okay,” Mrs. Pauly explains. “Why couldn’t you do more? Why? Why?” I scream at Mr. Jones. He hangs his head in shame and heads over to talk to me. “There was only so much I could do. There was so little. I tried and tried, but I don’t own this building. They demanded more and more and I couldn’t keep up. Believe me Tammy I tried. I pleaded with the owners explaining the situation,” he says putting his hands on my shoulder. I could tell by the look in his face that he really did everything. I could tell that this wasn’t anyone’s fault except the person that owned the building. “Now, I must be getting to Leo’s he and his family are having chicken fingers for dinner. He makes them from scratch using an old recipe of mine. They have a spare room,” Mrs. Pauly says. I hug her once more good-bye. My parents hug her as well leaving words of promise to see each other again.

Mrs. Pauly gets in the police car heading for Leo’s house. Watching the car drive away seemed to take forever. Maybe they are going to turn around and realize it was a mistake? She is coming back to see me, she promised. “Let’s go enjoy dinner,” my dad says wiping tears from his eyes. We walk across the street and go inside. Sitting down at the table I am served my meal. None of us talk, we just sit there and eat. After, I am done I go upstairs and finish my homework. I get into bed and look out the window. For the first time in my life the window’s of Mrs. Pauly’s apartment are dark. There are no lights, no television, nothing. I lay down in bed knowing there is a sleepless night ahead of me. Thinking of Mrs. Pauly going away and watching her go would not be an easy thing to forget.



In a field

Near where I live

There are sunflowers

Where many pictures

Are taken

For people to seeMass flower example #4. Live a luscious life with LUSCIOUS:

Enjoy and smell

The sunflowers

Never prove lacking

As they have

Beauty around them

In side the yellow petals

Is a big brown eye

Fuzzy and fun to feel

The stem with leaves

Is green and tall

All of them stand

Independently and strong

Knowing they have

the other sunflower

To lean on

For support


Big and beautiful

Yellow and bright

Shine on their own

With out the help

Of other flowers

To make the sunflower

Look radiant.

#42 Minerva McGonagall

MINERVA MCGONAGALL TAUGHT ME THAT A GOOD CAUSE IS WORTH FIGHTING AT ANY AGE    ( that age is just a number is what Minerva McGonagall does best in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. We learn from the beginning that she is the strict and stern transfiguration teacher. She takes her craft seriously and expects only the best from her students. However, when the wizarding world around her is threatened Minerva is a force to be reckoned with. She proves that she still has the magic power that never left her. She stands up to those who she knows is wrong. She trusts that there will be people standing by her even if they are staying silent. Minerva is a true female role model who can let women and girls know that age is just a number when it comes down to standing up for what you believe in. We hear in the news about a grandmother doing this or a person of old age doing that. But, what we tend to forget is that they have strong beliefs in what they are doing. Minerva has that and has never let it go.

Writing 101, Day Seventeen: Your Personality on Page

I have many fears that come and go from time to time. Some of them are irrational such as being stung by a bee. Others are bigger such as death. But, the one that I can’t help but worry about is being successful. I want to live my life to the fullest and accomplish many great things. I want to travel the world and see the site and wonders countries have to offer. My biggest fear is that I am going to be unsuccessful and unable to achieve doing all of these things before I pass on.

I have finally found the career path that I would like to pursue. A career that involves writing, whether it be journalism, advertising, public relations, and/or marketing. I have found that I have a true love for writing a couple of years after I finished college. When I was done with college I was focused on having a career in theater. At my college the theater department was in the communications and English departments, so there really wasn’t one. However, after I graduated I had gotten a temporary job at Goodspeed Opera House and my theater dreams seemed closer. But, I learned through this experience that if I wanted to go on and not have to move around a lot, then theater wasn’t really a good option. I am still active in theater today by volunteering, but I wanted to figure out what to do with the degree that I worked hard to get. After taking a career placement test, I was clerical work, law, and creative artistic jobs. Crossing off the first two I looked into the creative artistic section and found that these jobs are the ones that I would like to pursue. I don’t plan on becoming a world renowned author, but I do hope to be able to achieve starting a career in a job that I have longed for. So, far I am still trucking along doing some assignments here and there at work. It is a starting point, but not much. In the near future I hope to achieve getting a job in what I love.

The second thing I fear I won’t be able to do is travel. I feel that when I become successful I will be able to travel the world more and see several different countries and landmarks. I have a list of about fifty countries I would like to visit. Some of them such as Russia and China I have been told aren’t that friendly. But, they have landmarks and buildings I would like to see. China has the Great Wall of China that I would love to walk. Russia has St. Basil’s Cathedral. These two countries have much to offer and I would like to visit them for these reasons. Not because of what other people have told me, but because of the pictures I have seen. Being able to travel the world and see it’s wonders comes with being successful to me. You have to be able to earn money in order to go to all of these places. I hope that one day I will be able to visit all of the countries on my list. From Italy to Australia I hope to see it all.

When it comes down to being successful I find it fearful. There is much that I want to accomplish in my life. Unfortunately, I only have one life to live. That means one chance to be successful in a career I enjoy. One chance to travel the world. The fact that I only have one chance scares me and I hope to find joy in all that I do.