Othello (1995)

Laurence Fishburne is a one of a kind actor. In his career he has portrayed several different characters from different backgrounds. One of his performances has stuck with me the most is Othello. In 1995, he portrayed the title character of Othello. In this classic Shakespearean tragedy, Laurence Fishburne brought to life the Moore of Venice like no other.

Staying true to the story, we are introduced to Othello as a noble man who has fought in many wars. He has just married Desdemona, the beautiful daughter of Brabantio, to find himself being taken away by police. His only crime in this case is that he is black and she is white. The two must prove their love to the court where Desdemona heroically tells her father that she loves Othello no matter what. After Desdemona is disowned and Othello cleared of all charges, they take off to Cyprus for Othello to lead a command to fight the Turks.

Alongside them is Iago, Othello’s closest friend, who envies him. Frustrated that he was not promoted and Cassio was instead, Iago plots against Othello. Playing on his fears that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio he sabotages everything he holds dear. Using his wife as puppet in his cruel acts, Iago eventually convinces Othello to kill Desdemona. When the truth comes out Othello takes his own life out of grief and guilt for trusting in Iago with his wicked words. After it is shown that Iago has sabotaged and ruined the life of Othello out of revenge, Cassio has him sent away with pity for the dead.

Laurence Fishburne portrayed the iconic Othello with his fantastic acting skills. On July 30, 1961, Laurence Fishburne was born with untouchable acting skills. In the 1995 film version of Othello, he portrays the tragic title character with grace and sympathy.

Life of Pi

July 29th has been designated as International Tiger Day. I don’t know about you, but tigers are one of those animals that I love. Even though they have been portrayed negatively in several Hollywood films, they are still a favorite of mine. In the 2012 survival drama Life of Pi we are introduced to a tiger in a story like no other.

What was supposed to be a simple move from India to Canada turns into a nightmare for Pi Patel. While traveling to Canada, via ship with his family to sell animals, a storm hits leaving him the sole survivor alongside a tiger. Traveling on the boat alone with only a tiger as his companion he starts to fish for food. With the tiger beside him he starts to form a special bond with his “new friend.” However, they are alone in the ocean with land far away. Yet, they do find an island where he is brought to the hospital without the tiger acknowledging him. With no one believing his story, Pi starts to tell a tale of what happened to him and his family. Using the animals as characters his story gets a little bit wild, yet he is not questioned further by those who rescued him. Later on we learn that the author of the book has been telling the story from the very beginning with the question of who the story is better told by.

A tiger was beautifully portrayed in the 2012 film Life of Pi. Throughout this film, we watch as a young boy ends up in an impossible situation, yet managing to survive. July 29, is known as International Tiger Day in honor of the wonders of tigers.


Clue Poster.jpgEileen Brennan, to me, is one of those unsung actresses in Hollywood. In several movies, television, and theater she brought to life characters that would go on and inspire. On July 28, 2013 she passed away after leading a life in acting. In the 1984 movie Clue, she brought to life Mrs. Peacock, in this who done it based on the board game.

Six very different people from all walks of life are invited to a dinner party in their honor. After being introduced by the butler to their host, Mr. Body, they find themselves in the middle of a mystery. While in the middle of dinner in this spooky mansion, Mr. Body ends up being murdered. The six strangers who go by the names that were picked out for them end up trying to think of ways to expose the killer and bring the police to them. However, each one of them has a hidden secret that could land them in jail. Once the maid and cook are murdered, as well as several guests that appear at the door, they come to the conclusion that the killer is closer than they think. Through various comedic hi jinx’s the killer is exposed. Yet, if you watch the film, you will find that there are three different endings with a different reason behind each of them.

Eileen Brennan brought to life Mrs. Peacock in the 1985 film Clue. Throughout her life she was able to life several other characters aside from Mrs. Peacock. Her name may not be as well known as the others she starred aside, yet she left her mark.


MASHfilmposter.jpgBefore M*A*S*H was a hit TV show it was a movie. In 1970, M*A*S*H came out to theaters to highlight the lives of those serving in the Korean War. On July 27, 1953 the Korean War ended with an Armistice being signed by both sides. Although, it has been over sixty years since this document was signed, the Korean War is not forgotten and seems to live on.

Taking place in South Korea in 1951 we are introduced to Hawkeye Pierce and Duke Forrest, two womanizing Captains part of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital as combat surgeons, who have stolen a Jeep. Upon their return we learn that they are under the command of a bumbling commander, a hyper confident clerk, morose dentist, an incompetent surgeon, and a contemplative chaplain. It seems as thought the mischievous duo can get away with anything while working with these guys. However, don’t forget that they are in the middle of a war zone during the entire film. Knowing that danger is around every corner, Hawkeye and Duke end up being separated when their camp is divided. Yet, when the camp is divided they end up playing pranks upon each other. Even through this, Hawkeye and Duke remain friends. Yet, Hawkeye finds himself being sent to Japan alongside a fellow surgeon to operate on a congressman’s son. Hawkeye and Trapper, the fellow surgeon, are able to complete the surgery and return back to camp. Hawkeye and Duke are reunited and discharged. The movie closes with the two leaving in the same Jeep they stole at the beginning of the film.

M*A*S*H is one of those movies that become successful for its smart use of comedy while taking place in a war zone. On July 27, 1953 the Korean War ended with an Armistice. Although, today we still hear about the split between the Korea’s in day to day news, the war that ended sixty-three years ago seems to live on.

The Return of the Pink Panther

Blake Edwards left his mark in Hollywood with several films. All sorts of films have his name attached to them. As a screenwriter, director, and producer he was able to inspire many around him. In The Return of the Pink Panther, he comes back for the sequel of the hit comedy The Pink Panther.

Once again Inspector Clouseau finds himself entangled in another mystery. The bumbling detective ends up having to solve a mystery starting at a museum where many priceless artifacts are kept. After completing his examination, Clouseau comes to the conclusion that the notorious Phantom has struck again. Knowing that it is up to him, Clouseau starts his investigation of the theft of the Pink Panther gem. While searching for the thief, he falls under the watchful eye of the crook who knows he is hot on his trail. In the meantime, Sir Charles, the “original” phantom starts to become the prime suspect and realizes that he is being framed. However, there is a copycat out there doing exactly what he was. Knowing that he could be sent back to prison for what he did not do, Sir Charles finds himself working with Clouseau to catch the thief and get the diamond back once and for all.

The 1975 film The Return of the Pink Panther is the hilarious sequel to The Pink Panther. Blake Edwards returned to direct, write and produce this movie. On July 26, 1922 Blake Edwards was born with quite the life of films ahead of him.


Cooking is one the many things that I enjoy doing. Whether it be a new or an old recipe, I can’t help but love cooking. I learned today that July 25 is considered World Culinarian Day. I could not think of a better movie than the 2007 animated film Ratatouille to honor this special day.

Remy is a rat, literally. He was raised to live life like a rat, but never cared for their ways. After many years of eating questionable food, he takes off to Paris to achieve his dreams of being a chef. Bring in Linguini, a chef who is down on his luck and doesn’t really know what he is doing. Remy and Linguini combine forces where Remy is helping him become the best cook in the area. But, will it be enough when the head chef gets a glimpse of what is going on. Knowing that the secret cannot be kept forever, Remy and Linguini manage to make many dishes bringing in food critics who are raving. However, one night a jealous cook and a prestigious food critic arrive leaving the two to make a dish that will be, considered, the greatest of all time.

Ratatouille is the essential film that inspires many people to go out and cook. On July 25, this day has been designated for all of those who love to cook. You don’t have to be a head chef in order to try out a new recipe for the first time, just go and do it.

The Pink Panther

Pink panther63.jpgOn July 24, 1980 the world lost Peter Sellers. This brilliant actor brought to life many characters to the screen making him loved by many people. Yet, one of his most beloved roles would have to be the Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the 1963 film The Pink Panther.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau finds himself on the hot trail of a diamond thief when the precious gem is stolen from a princess. From there, the bumbling detective, ends up working alongside his peers in order to find the thief. However, not all goes according to plan as he finds himself in a masquerade ball with a crook. Yet, through many bumbling, hilarious, and not-giving-away-the-ending scenario’s, Jacques is able to find the man responsible for the theft. But, not before finding himself in trouble after a few missteps along the way.

The Pink Panther stars Peter Sellers in his most highlighted role yet. Sadly, on July 24, 1980 he passed away with a comedic legacy behind him. Although, he may have been best known as Jacques Clouseau, he still inspires people today.

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone

Daniel Radcliffe brought to life one of the most beloved characters of all time. Created by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter was, and still is, a world wide phenomenon. Daniel Radcliffe brought the boy wizard to life for the first time in the 2001 film Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.

Harry Potter is an orphaned boy who lives with his uncaring aunt, uncle, and cousin. On the day of his eleventh birthday he is contacted by Hagrid, who informs him that he is a wizard destined to attend school at Hogwarts. So, off goes Harry to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he finds his two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Even more so, he finds himself the star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. However, as the year goes on strange events happen that lead Harry to believing that there is a plot brewing to kill him by the evil Lord Voldemort. Earlier on we learned that Harry’s parents were killed by the wizard and he is the only person to survive the attack. As the movie goes on, Harry and his friends begin to suspect that the person working for Voldemort is from the inside of the walls of Hogwarts. When they receive the news that Harry is in more danger once Dumbledore, the headmaster, leaves the school, the trio set out to stop Voldemort once and for all. But, will the outcome be what they suspected from the beginning?

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone was the first movie that brought J.K. Rowling’s epic book series to life. On July 23, 1989 Daniel Radcliffe, the star of Harry Potter, was born. As anyone would tell you, he was the one destined to bring the boy wizard that the world would fall in love with to life.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Louise Fletcher brought to life one of the most iconic villains of all time. In the 1973 film, she portrayed Nurse Ratched, an unforgiving nurse who enjoys humiliating the inmates at an asylum. Throughout this film we watch as she puts down the patients, even those who resist her actions.

Randle McMurphy is transferred from prison to an asylum. A criminal, he hopes that a stay at an asylum will be shorter, quicker, and nicer than one in prison. However, upon arrival McMurphy starts to realize that he is in over his head with the choice he has made. Falling under the jurisdiction of the authoritarian Nurse Mildred Ratched, he finds himself at odds with most of the staff. Yet, his actions lead him to gain the respect of those around him who suffer from the abuse brought upon them. One day after sneaking out many of other patients, Ratched brings down a hardened punishment on McMurphy. Upon the return to the asylum, McMurphy learns that his release is based on the recommendation of Ratched and the doctors. Unfortunately, things get worse leading Ratched to order McMurphy to receive a lobotomy. Upon seeing him in a state knowing that he would not want to live like that, a fellow inmate takes McMurphy’s life. Knowing that he has put him out of pain and suffering, he escapes into the woods to start a new life.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is the movie that lead many people to cheer for the underdog. No one cared for Nurse Ratched who was portrayed by Louise Fletcher. Yesterday, on July 22, Louise Fletcher celebrated her birthday, hopefully it was a good one.


Robin Williams is one of the most beloved actors and comedians by many people. On July 21, 1951 he was born leading an inspiring life. Bringing many beloved characters to life that we all know and love he will never be forgotten. One of those beloved characters happens to be the Genie in the 1992 film Aladdin.

Starting off with a greedy Jafar and his pet parrot Iago looking for a magic lamp he resorts to powers to find someone to get it for him in the Cave of Wonders. From there we are introduced to a down on his luck street rat by the name of Aladdin. We learn that he and his monkey friend Abu, have to steal for food and spend their days avoiding the palace guards. One day Aladdin runs into Princess Jasmine who has runaway. While the two are bonding, Aladdin is arrested on Jafar’s orders. After being imprisoned for a couple of hours, Jafar, in a disguise, sneaks him out and brings him to the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin and Abu enter, only to find the lamp with Abu setting off a trap causing the cave to self destruct. Jumping on a magic carpet, they manage to make it to the top to give Jafar, who is still in disguise, his lamp. But, he betrays them leaving them to die in a cave in.

Yet, Aladdin and Abu survive with Abu stealing the lamp. Aladdin rubs the lamp bringing Genie out. Happy to be out of his prison, Genie starts to grant Aladdin all the wishes he wants. Hoping to win the heart of Jasmine, Aladdin wishes to be known as Prince Ali. Arriving at the palace, Aladdin gets on well with the Sultan gaining his trust for marrying Jasmine. However, Jasmine hears the conversation believing her father is trying to sell her off to the highest bidder again. Realizing how upset she is Aladdin goes to make peace with her alongside Genie who wants him to tell her the truth. After a trip around the world on the magic carpet, she confirms her suspicion that he is the street rat from before. Going back to the palace, Aladdin is thrown into the ocean only to be saved by Genie.

Upon getting back to the castle, Aladdin exposes Jafar for who he really is. With the Sultan firing Jafar, he goes to exact his revenge. But, not before seeing the lamp in Aladdin’s under his cloak. Learning that he is the one who has the lamp, he starts to exact his revenge fully with Iago. Aladdin and Genie get in a fight with Aladdin leaving the lamp alone. Iago steals the lamp and brings it to Jafar where he becomes Genie’s master. Exposing Aladdin for who he is, he sends him off to a far off place with Abu and Carpet in tow. Realizing the error of his ways, Aladdin heads home to save the kingdom. After some shenanigans and quick thinking, Aladdin is able to stop Jafar. Being granted permission by the Sultan to marry Jasmine he sets Genie free. Of course,they all lived happily ever after.

Robin Williams was one of those actors who will be remained beloved for many years to come. In all of his work, this genius of a comedian came into our world bringing love and joy. On July 21, 1951 he was born with a joy for bringing laughter into others lives.