Music Monday: Prince


Prince was a visionary musician who had inspired many. Sadly, he passed away last year. Never the less he left behind a legacy of music and art that still inspires people today. Prince’s for songs such as “Purple Rain” and “Raspberry Beret” still play on the radio from time to time. Even though, he may be gone his words, style, and talent live on for many generations to enjoy.

Photo Friday


It has been one long week for me. This weekend is one that is going to be well deserved. When I saw this photo I began to think of the light at the end of the tunnel as the bark on the recently fallen tree looks like it is coming out of the tunnel. Almost like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Theater Thursday: The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde | 32 Plays You Need To Read Before You Die:

Oscar Wilde wrote, to me, what is one of the funniest plays of all time. The Importance of Being Earnest came out in 1895 making fun of the upper class. In this play, there are two young men trying to woo two women. However, both women like the name Earnest and neither of them have it. So, the two start to tell Gwendolyn and Cecelia different stories to come up with their namesake. None the less, the two find out about Algernon and John’s secret leading them to leave them in dismay. None the less, after a few comedic trials making fun of the upper class, everything manages to work out in the end.

Read-It Wednesdays: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Rothmc cover.jpg

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor is a book that I enjoy today. When I was in seventh grade, I was introduced to this book about racial injustice in Mississippi through the eyes of eight year old Cassie Logan. Cassie just a young girl who does not completely understand the racial divide in Mississippi during the Great Depression. Her parents do their best to protect her, but also caution her and her siblings. Sadly, “the night men” cause trouble for those who are African-American, including her family because they own their own land. Never the less, Cassie is able to grow up while attempting to accept that many people will not accept her for who she is based on her skin color.

Classic Albums Live! Purple Rain


Classic Albums Live! Purple Rain

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                I don’t think I will ever see a tribute band concert like Classic Albums Live! Purple Rain based on the Prince album. On Thursday January 19, I got the privilege of watching this very talented band perform for the hundreds of fans at the Garde Arts Center in downtown New London, CT. When I had arrived there was the color purple around such as a bouquet of flowers and the bartenders wearing purple ties in honor of the album. While the band rehearsed the ushers prepared for their assignments as anxious patrons waited to enter.

Once the doors open they came in, many of the patrons were wearing Prince Memorabilia and others were the color purple. When they walked in the theater some approached the stage to admire the set up which consisted of a drum set, five guitars, and a keyboard surrounded by microphones with purple lighting shining on the stage.

Then the lights dimmed as Steve Sigel went on to announce upcoming events at the Garde such as the Winter Cinema Series that starts on February 2nd and Classic Albums Live! Ziggy Stardust from David Bowie, Magical box, and Matthew Anderson. Then he stepped off stage and the band came on to cheers from the audience.

The lead singer, a perfect Prince impersonator, lead the audience in singing and cheering. He encouraged them to get up and dance to the music that they were playing. He was able to perfect some of Princes signature dance moves, including lying on the floor, as he lead the band dressed in all black. At the end of Act One they had received a standing ovation with them pointing to the sky honoring the recently deceased legend.

After a short intermission, which consisted of many audience members buying merchandise and praise about the show, Act Two started. When this act began the audience was up on their feet. Many were dancing in front of the stage as the lead singer lead them to sing along with the words “Wo We Oh”. The lead singer introduced each member of the band as they all did a duet with him to a classic prince song, like Diamond and Pearls.

After partying like its “1999” the band started to close the show with the audience cheering “Classic Albums Live!” When the show ended the band received a standing ovation as the audience exited the Garde. Many were talking about the joy they had watching the show. Then the band came out to greet and sign autographs. When all is said and done Classic Albums Live! Prince’s Purple Rain was a true delight for all to enjoy.

TV Tuesdays: Revenge

Revenge Seasons 1-4 (DVD)

What do you get when you frame an innocent family man of murder? Well, you get his daughter buying the house next door to you worming her way into your life to destroy it. That is exactly the plot of ABC’s television series Revenge. Amanda Clark whose father was framed for murder returns to the Hamptons to avenge his death. Using the name Emily Thorne she manages to infiltrate the Grayson family who are responsible for his downfall. Sabotaging their every move, taking advantage of the status, and exposing them for who they are she will stop at nothing. However, love steps in leading Emily to choose between her mission and her life. Revenge is one show to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Music Monday:P!nk

"don't lose your passion or the fighter that's  inside of you" :

P!nk is an artist who I have admired since my teenage years. She stays true to herself and her music. No matter what she doesn’t conform to the way society wants her to. Sticking to her talent, wit, and smarts P!nk is a singer that will continue to inspire artists to come in the future.

A Country Concert in the Oasis Room

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On Friday January 13th, I had the privilege of watching the indie country band Girls, Guns, and Glory at the Garde Arts Center. Upon arrival I learned that the concert for one-hundred and sixteen people would be held in The Oasis Room. Around seven o’clock doors opened for the patrons to come inside.

After being directed upstairs many of them went to check out the merchandise that was available. Calendars, two CD’s, and two types of T-shirts were being sold. The band being from Boston, Massachusetts with the drummer hailing from nearby Montville, Connecticut some members in the audience knew the band members. Before the show started the drummer had visited his family, fiancée, and friends.

Then the lights dimmed for the show to begin. Steve Sigal went up to the stage to welcome everyone to The Oasis Room to see Girls, Guns, and Glory. Before the show began he announced the upcoming Winter Movie Series that begins February 2nd and a Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt concert January 20th. Then the band came on the stage with the lead singer announcing who they were.

After playing a few songs the lead singer went around with each individual band member with a duet. Through an array of instruments that included: the drums, guitar, dobra, bass, and mandolin the band was able to give the room a country feel, even though none of them are from the south. The lead singer spoke about his love for country, especially, honky tonk music.

However, the journey to where they are now was not an easy one. After asking the audience if anyone had seen them before, the lead singer spoke about how their newest album was funded by fans after a mishap with a record deal. He spoke about how encouraging it was that they were able to have a fan funded album.

From singing a new song about John Henry to singing “Blue Eyes Cry In The Rain” by Willie Nelson they are a band that is far from over. After the lead singer announced that they would be closing out the show the audience cried for an encore and they complied. Several members got up to dance and clap with the music. After they played two songs they were greeted by fans to sign autographs and take photos. They mentioned the usage of Facebook and Instagram to share with other fans. Girls, Guns, and Glory is a band to look out for in the future.

A Christmas Tradition



The Nutcracker at The Garde


On December 10, 2016 one of the best well known Christmas shows came to The Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut, The Nutcracker. The show was put on by the one and only Eastern Connecticut Ballet. There was much excitement in the theater as there were Christmas trees in the lobby among colored and white lights strewn around green firs. The was the Ballet Boutique which sold Christmas ornaments of nutcrackers and characters, flip flops, sequenced crowns, clocks, and snow globes. Even the Humphrey Bogart statue was wearing a Santa Claus hat.

Before the patrons came in the ushers were abuzz with activity as the prepped for their roles the day, as well as the bartenders getting food and drinks ready. The box office employees were wearing reindeer antlers to welcome the patrons in.  There was the set up for the future Garde Arts Shows of Wally Lamb’s “I’ll Take You There” on December 18th as well as Quinn Sullivan coming on December 16th.  Including a DVD ballet performances from The Stars of the American Ballet was being set up as patrons filled the box office lobby.

As soon as they were allowed inside the patrons rushed over to the Ballet Boutique awed at what they saw before them. Several little girls dressed in sparkly dresses wore the sparkly tiaras that were sold in pink, purple, and white. Others admired the small nutcrackers they had in the forms of Christmas ornaments among the ballerinas. Many of them ran to the Christmas trees to go take pictures in front of them to share. Several audience members were carrying in bouquets of flowers with lilies, daisies, and red and white roses for the dancers.

Yet, the one part of all the décor that brought the patrons in were the AD HOC Carolers. Eight people sang songs like Carol of the Bells and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Many audience members joined in the singing of these treasured Christmas Carols. Then the doors opened with ushers guiding patrons to their seats. Inside the theater members of the orchestra were taking their seats as they prepped for the beginning of the show. With the balcony beginning to fill up, the carolers made their way inside the theater to entertain patrons. Encouraging the audience to sing along to Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town time flew by. Many of the children enjoyed singing Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer where they had cut out the words reindeer and nose and using hand signals with the orchestra joining in.

Before I knew it the lights had dimmed welcoming the conductor into the theater. As he started the curtain rose with the tale of The Nutcracker coming to life. Starting off with the classic telling of a Christmas Eve party where a little girl named Clara receives a special nutcracker from her magical uncle, Herr Drosselmeier. Sadly her enjoyment is quickly destroyed as her jealous brother Fritz breaks the nutcracker. Clara tends to the nutcracker as the night dies down, however she falls asleep to find herself on a magical journey to a far off land. There were laughs at the little mice that scurried across the stage and sighs of awe when the Christmas tree turned into a boat. In this rendition of The Nutcracker there was no mouse king, instead Clara won the heart of the Prince in a sea battle against a band of pirates.

Upon Clara’s arrival there was a dance with the Snow King and Snow Queen which was met with applause as the curtain fell for intermission. A little girl dressed as an angel to present them with flowers as the lights came back on. There were many patrons discussing the liveliness of the show that they were in awe of. Many more brought souvenirs from the Ballet Boutique to remember the special show they had seen. With the second act starting the orchestra started to play as the lights dimmed.

When the second act started there was applause as each different type of dancer representing parts of the world. Yet, the one that got the most laughs came from Mother Ginger as she made her grand entrance followed by the children coming out from her gigantic skirt. The magic of the flowers dancing with the Dew Drop Fairy that followed the Arabian and Spanish dancers brought everything to lfie. Then the grand finale dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier. Many of the audience members cheered on as they watched in awe of her dancing. When the curtain call came there were many people standing and cheering for all of the dancers as they took their bow. Two little girls dressed as angels presented the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Dew Drop Fairy flowers.

When the show ended there were many patrons discussing the magic that they had witnessed. Many patrons who knew dancers waited patiently to give them their bouquets of flowers. Others visited the Ballet Boutique to give pick up one final souvenir before they left for home. Several wanted to take a final photo before the Christmas trees. With another fantastic and magical performance of The Nutcracker from The Eastern Connecticut Ballet in the books, it was one Christmas tradition that will continue to live on at The Garde Arts Center.

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Photo Friday


This photo was taken up at Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York. Today, was rather a cloudy day where I live. This photo made me think of that day  I was visiting this beautiful college in the Adirondack Mountains. The fingers are part of a statue of Apollos Smith whom the college is named after.