Tuck Everlasting

Winnie Foster is a fifteen year old upper class young lady in the early twentieth century. She yearns for adventure and freedom, but her mother insists on her receiving a proper upbringing. When Winnie finds out she is to be sent away to boarding school she runs away with a young man named Jesse Tuck. Even though she is “kidnapped” at the beginning she enjoys her time with them. However, the Tuck family has a secret that could change her life forever. But, there is a man who lurks nearby attempting to expose the Tucks with Winnie in the middle.

Ben Kingsley was born on December 31, 1967. In his life he has been able to bring to life his own style of acting. In the 2002 film Tuck Everlasting he manages to do that, even with a character who has no name.

The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound.jpgMany voices come in and out of our lives. Yet, Jeanette Nolan’s voice as the Widow Tweed in the 1981 film The Fox and the Hound is one that sticks with me. On December 30, 1911, Jeanette Nolan was born with a charming voice and one of a kind acting skills.

When Tod, a young fox, is rescued by the Widow Tweed he is adjusting to the world around him. He finds a friend in the next door neighbor basset hound Copper. However, Copper is being raised to become a hunting dog by his owner Amos. After being separated for the winter, Copper comes back a changed dog confusing to Tod. Sadly, when an accident happens Copper and Tod becomes enemies. After Amos threatens Tod, Widow Tweed brings him to a sanctuary tearfully leaving him behind. But, Amos and Copper are set on revenge willing to break the rules. After Tod saves Copper from a bear the two make up before separating.

Jeanette Nolan brought to life the beloved Widow Tweed in the 1981 film The Fox and the Hound. Even though she has passed on, her voice still remains with the many today. She may be gone, but she does live on.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner poster.jpgPatricia Clarkson is an actress who is well known to many. In her films she has been able to inspire many with the characters she brings. In the 2014 film The Maze Runner she brings to life a scientist towards the very end.

When Thomas wakes up in the woods filled with boys he remembers nothing about his life. Several of them are weary to who he is as they each have ended up in “The Glade”. But, Thomas learns that this new location is filled with danger including a mysterious maze. One day, Thomas ends up chasing after the leader, Alby in the maze when he tries to rescue another. Thomas manages to figure out the maze is hiding something that could lead to the exit. However, when he escapes with Alby he has a tough time convincing the others to go with him. In the meantime, the first girl, Theresa Agnes, appears. The first thing she says is Thomas’s name leading to a trial about who Thomas is. After an attack, Thomas decides to go into the Maze with some of the other boys and Theresa. When they get to the end of the maze they find the exit with a message from scientist Ava Paige about them being survivors. But, will all of them be able to make it out of the exit alive?

Patricia Clarkson portrayed Ava Paige at the end of this film. Even though this was a small part, her role in the film The Maze Runner she is still memorable. On December 29, 1959 Patricia Clarkson was born with the life of inspirational acting ahead of her.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas Special Edition DVD cover.jpgJerry Orbach became known to many people as a tough detective on Law and Order. However, he was able to do more with his art inspiring many more. He was able to use his voice to help bring to life the character of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

Told as a flashback from Mrs. Potts we learn that the Beast had cancelled Christmas. However, Belle is determined to keep the sacred holiday alive. Gathering the help from Lumiere and Cogsworth they get the Christmas decorations together for the holiday. But, there is an organ by the name of Forte who does what he can to sabotage the holiday. Using his unwitting henchman Fife, a piccolo, he does what he can to dampen the Christmas spirit, including using the Beasts feelings against him. Never the less, Belle manages to get a tree with decorations to go around the castle, much to the Beast’s annoyance. Never the less, the Beast accepts the spirit of Christmas enraging Forte causing the death of the pipe organ. Flashing back to the present we learn that all is well with Christmas with everyone, including Belle and the Beast (now human) Christmas.

Jerry Orbach passed away on December 28, 2004 leaving behind a legacy of talent. Today, he is remembered as an actor of all sorts. In the 1997 film Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas he brings to life the beloved candelabra Lumiere again.


Ouija 2014 poster.jpgOlivia Cooke is a rising actress of today. On December 27, she celebrates her birthday. In several films she has proven her acting abilities. In the 2014 film Ouija she manages to prove why she will be known in the future as an actress.

When Laine Morris’s best friend Debbie dies after playing with a ouija board everyone believes it is a suicide. Laine and her grieving friends decide to contact Debbie using the same ouija board as a form of comfort. However, they forget one rule at the end which is to say good-bye, like Debbie did. Soon, Laine’s friends start dying under mysterious circumstances. Laine comes to the conclusion that they accidentally summoned a demon using the ouija board. Warning her friends before it is too late it is up to Laine to trap the demon. But, will she be able to do it in time?

Ouija came out in 2014 with Olivia Cooke in the lead role. On December 27 she celebrates her birthday. In the future there is much more to be seen from her.

Judgment at Nuremberg

170592-Judgment-at-Nuremberg-Posters.jpgAlthough he commonly portrayed a anti-heroes, Richard Widmark was able to bring to life several other characters. One of those happens to be Colonel Tad Lawson in Judgment at Nuremberg. In this film he portrays a prosecutor who takes on the task of bringing Nazi Judges to justice.

When Dan Haywood, a retired judge, gets taken from his home and sent to judge Nazi criminals he is taken aback. After hearing opening statements from both sides he finds himself struggling with making decisions as to whether the judge is guilty or not. Making acquaintances with fellow Germans in town he finds himself at the beginning of the Cold War. However, when Ernst Janning, the judge on trial, reveals what he knew his acceptance of guilt is on that Dan cannot over look. With Colonel Tad Lawson insisting on the death penalty while Hans Rolfe the defense attorney says that his client cannot be held fully accountable Dan makes his final decision. After sentencing the judges to life in prison Dan visits Ernst in prison with him telling him the truth about what he did.

Judgment at Nuremberg was one of Richard Widmarks finest performances. On December 26, 1914 Richard Widmark was born. With a life filled with acting he was a true inspiration.

We’re No Angels

We're No Angels - 1955 - poster.pngYesterday, December 25th, was Christmas Day. A day of celebration as many honored the birth of Christ. Yet, December 25th also marked the birth of Humphrey Bogart. In the 1955 Christmas movie We’re No Angels follows three convicts who find themselves reformed after they break out of prison.

When Joseph, Albert, and Jules escape from Devils Island around Christmas they discover they are in more than they bargained for. While staying in a French Colonial town they plan to rob a family. However, upon their arrival they find that the family in financial distress. After making them dinner they find themselves having a change of heart about their ways. As time goes on they discover that Isabelle, the daughter of the family, has her eye set on a man who is trying to take over the family owned store. After he is found out by the three convicts they are found out. Albert, Joseph, and Jules leave the family whom they have helped with halos above their heads.

Humphrey Bogart is a legendary actor who continues to inspire actors today. On December 25, 1899 he was born, which fell on Christmas day of that year. Christmas is a joyous time for all as there are changes of heart like the three convicts in the 1955 film We’re No Angels. I hope you al had a joyous Christmas yesterday.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story film poster.jpgDecember 24th is a day of joy and excitement as people around the world prepare for Christmas day. In several movies Christmas Eve has become a day of impatient celebration. In the 1983 film A Christmas Story we are introduced to a young boy who spent the entire month of December anticipating Christmas.

All Ralphie wants is a Red Ryder BB Gun. However, everyone tells him that he will shoot his eye out. In the meantime, his friends and family gather around him to give him quite the interesting holiday season. From a hideous leg lamp to dogs eating the turkey to getting the tongue stuck on the flag pole there is nothing that will keep Ralphie from focusing on the BB Gun. Yet, the more Ralphie asks the more he is told that he will shoot his eye out, even Santa told him so. Using his imagination Ralphie finds ways to get the word for his campaign out even more. But, will Ralphie receive the cherished Red Ryder BB Gun? Or will his epic campaign be doomed?

A Christmas Story covers all the anticipation that comes with the Christmas season, especially on December 24. A couple of days ago there was the much anticipation of Christmas Eve as December 24th always is. I hope all of you had a safe and fun Christmas Eve.


Carousel theatrical film poster 1956.jpgBarbara Ruick had a life as a singer and actress that no one really knew. Yet, she has left her mark in cinematic history in her roles as a supporting character. One of those roles is Carrie in the 1956 film Carousel as the best friend of the lead female.

When Julie Jordan meets Billy Bigelow she is immediately taken in by him. However, he is a barker on a carousel with a bad rap and she just lost her job in a factory. The two fall in love returning to her hometown in Maine. Sadly, Billy is not as well received as he thought he would be. When Billy finds out that Julie is pregnant he becomes desperate committing a crime leading to his death. With her Cousin Nettie and new engaged friend Carrie by her side she manages to raise their daughter all alone. Sadly, Louise, their daughter, is starting to struggle with who her father is so he is sent down from heaven to help her out. Louise manages to find the strength like her mother did with her father’s help to carry on with her life knowing that she is not alone.

On December 23, 1930 Barbara Ruick was born. Although her name is not as well known, today she did bring to life many memorable characters to life on screen. In the 1956 film Carousel is no different.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Ralph Fiennes portrayed one of the most iconic villains in movie history. Although, he is rather new to the villain scene, Lord Voldemort definitely has his place in history. In the 2011 film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 he brought back the iconic villain for the last time.

Harry Potter with his friends Ron and Hermione head off to finish off Lord Voldemort once and for all. Their first stop is Gringotts bank where they manage to destroy a cup that has part of his soul. After that Harry has a vision where it is revealed that they must return to Hogwarts. Making their way to the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry they find that much has changed. Harry knows that he is a wanted man and finds several of his fellow classmates willing to help him. But, he is found quickly by the schools headmaster, Snape, leading to a duel with a battle impending. When the battle starts Harry continues to run into duels with foes while destroying the horcruxes. However, upon the death of a foe who was a good guy, Harry learns that he must die at Voldemorts hands. Will Harry die? Or will there be a miracle that brings him back to life?

On December 22, Ralph Fiennes celebrates his birthday. As the actor who brought to life the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 he brought to life the evil wizard once and for all.