Writing 101 Day 18: Map Your Muse

Where to go

Where do I go

For inspiration?

What do I need

In a place for


I look around my house

Thumbing through photos

clicking through photos on Facebook

And Twitter

None the less

The place that inspires me the most

Is London

The city I was in

for only ten days

I hope to visit

Again one day

The London eye

With Big Ben chiming

In the background

With the Tower of London

To explore

London and Tower Bridge

Are a must to walk across

Seeing the changing of the guards

At Buckingham Palace

Is quite a seen

London is the place

That serves as my muse

The city in England

Where so much has happened

And so much still

Happens today.

Sturbridge Village

In Sturbridge, Massachusetts there is a town that is set up like it was in the colonial times. From the moment you walk inside you are transported to a simpler time. From cleaning the houses to seeing how things worked back then Sturbridge Village has it all. This place does tend to remind me of Williamsburg, Virginia. None the less, Sturbridge Village has its own unique feel to it with staying true to the colonial times long ago. The last I visited Sturbridge Village was back in school as part of a field trip. Obviously, it was in the winter time and there was not a lot of heat around considering they had stayed true to the olden times. There was quite a bit to learn and give thanks for the use of a heat in a household. Sturbridge Village does not just come with history lessons, but with showing how far we have come technologically. Imagine having to get up in the morning and start cooking dinner. Only, for it to get done right around six o’clock in the evening for serving. There is a lot that has changed since the time these houses were built. There is much to learn from Sturbridge Village.

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Writing 101 Day 17: Mine Your Own Material

When I go through Facebook there are many things that catch my eye. On one side there is what is trending that reflects what is in the news. Right in the middle there are the posts people who I follow. There are many things on Facebook that catch my eye from the moment I log in. The one things that have caught my eye the most lately are the TimeHop posts. These post come up and they show how far apart things have been. One of them came up and reminded me of making a friend from college who I have not seen since she moved to Texas. Another one brought back memories of visiting Costa Rica. All of these posts bring back the memories that happened on a particular day a certain amount of years ago. While viewing these, I am able to realize how far I have come and what I have accomplished. I know that in the future there is much that I hope to accomplish. I see the memories from the past knowing that there are many more to come in the future. Looking through Facebook from time to time does bring back memories from the past.

Sea World

Embedded image permalinkOne of the many amusement parks that I have enjoyed in my lifetime is Sea World. Although, in the past years there has been some controversy surrounding Sea World with their treatment of animals. None the less, I have good memories from visiting this amusement park. From going on the Journey to Atlantis ride more than enough times to seeing Shamu do tricks. There was so much to see and do while walking around Sea World. I hope that one day the controversy around Sea World dies down and changes are made. Even though there are some things to be said about this legendary park, I hope to go their one day again.

Writing 101 Day 16: Search Your Stats for a Post Idea

After viewing my stats, I have come to realization that many of my viewers are from the United States of America. I hail from the same country as many of my readers do. So, I have decided to look into seeing what would be most interesting to write to the readers that I have. However, there has been on thing that I have been waiting to blog about and I feel that now is the perfect time to do it, the Super Blood Moon.

Embedded image permalinkLast night there was an eclipse near where I live called the Super Blood Moon. The last time this happened was 1985. I was grateful to hear that the next time this happen will be in eighteen years and not thirty. But, getting to see this moon from where I was, was quite spectacular. I was unable to get a good shot at the moon. But, the colors were quite interesting. I did not get to see the whole eclipse as it was quite chilly outside. None the less, I did get to see the moon during this eclipse. There was something that was just beautiful about the moon last night. In the year 2033, I hope to see the moon again when the eclipse happens again. I also hope to improve my photography skills and take better ones for the next one. It may not be a blood moon eclipse, but none the less it will be an eclipse that will be worth capturing.

(The photo at the top came from pinterest and the one next to the paragraph is the one that I took.)

Washington D.C.

The capitol of the United States of America is filled with history! Through monuments and buildings that were built in the past millennium, there is so much to see and do. Getting to read what was behind the memorials on the walls and the names was a wonder. There was just so much to read from one monument alone. One of my favorite places to visit was the World War II memorial. As a huge World War II buff, getting to see all the beauty of this monument brought some tears to my eyes. This memorial was beautifully designed and pictures do not do it justice. Getting to see all of the war memorials came with the reminder that freedom is not free. The many men and women who gave their lives are remembered in these structures.

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Fisher’s Island

Embedded image permalinkOne of the many places I have memories of going to as a child is Fisher’s Island, New York. There are some pictures that I could not find, but the ones that I did find involved fishing off of the island. Fisher’s Island is a small island right off the coast. A small community with a small school with just a few stores around. The peacefulness of this place is a blessing to make it a perfect place to relax for a day in the summer time. I haven’t been over there in a while, but I do enjoy the quiet that came with Fisher’s Island.

Disney World

Walt Disney World has to be the happiest place on earth! Yes, I know that is their main logo, but none the less Disney is a happy place. Every time I go there I feel like a kid again, from taking picture with all of the characters to riding on Splash Mountain. Disney just has the whole package with bringing out the child in you. Looking through all of the photos of Disney brings back all of the happy memories again and again.

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Writing 101 Day 15: Take a Cue From Your Readers

Paying attention to what my followers want to read is important. In the past,  I have heard some people ask for more recipes, while others want to read more poetry. Recently, I have gone to and fro trying to keep up with what they want to hear. I have created polls in the past in order to make sure that I am giving the readers what they want. But, it is not something that is always easy. I tend to sometimes run out of things to say or I feel that something is more important to blog about. Although, I do tend to stay on track, I try to do a blog post every day. In doing so, I feel that this is the best way for me to keep up with everything that is going on. Listening to my readers is something that is important to me because their opinion matters. So, with that being said/written I hope to hear more feed back soon.

Writing 101: Recreate a Single Day

What can happen in one day in just a short period of time. We can wake up one day feeling sad and turn out to be happy. There are days that most of us dread; once that day gets there we feel time stop as the clock does not seem to move. What day to recreate? What events make a day so significant that we should recreate them? How many others want to forget a certain day? How can writing describe what happens in that one moment in time?

There are days that I remember exactly where I was and what happened. Such as 9/11/2001, I remember hearing about a plane crash in New York and a bombing in Washington, D.C. It was not until a little later in the day when I walked into a classroom and the television was on. By the time I saw the footage both of the towers had fallen. Like everyone else in the United States of America and the world I was in shock. It didn’t seem real. As the day went on things started to change, afters school activities were cancelled and kids were being pulled. All of the teachers had a look of grim sorrow on their face right when it was announced that after school activities had been cancelled. After school, I went home, did my homework and watched George W. Bush, who was president then, address the United States of America.

9/11/2001, is a day that many Americans can remember where they were because of the events that happened. But, that does not mean everyone wants to remember. Some feel that it happened long ago, so we should just move on with our lives. Others feel that it is important that we talk about it to keep the memory of those who died alive. Many people, like myself, can tell you every small detail that happened on that day.

However, if you were to ask me what I had for dinner last night, I can’t even tell you. Why, because nothing significant happened yesterday. Recreating a single day is not the easiest task there is because there are so many days to recreate. However, recreating some of them takes time to think to remember every little detail. Recreating a day is quite the tough project.