Image result for Giant (1956)James Dean was too young when he passed away on September 30, 1955. Just as he was rising to fame as a teen idol he was killed in a car accident. Today, many people remember him and his art. Several people call him an inspiration to the art of acting. In the 1956 film Giant, his last film, he proves why he deserves his place in history.

In the 1920’s, Bick Benedict, a wealthy Texas ranching family marries Leslie Lynton. The two are followed throughout the film as they start to head up another family ranch. However, Leslie is disliked by Bick’s sister who has a handyman by the name of Jett. One day Jett is able to strike it big with oil. Leaving behind the ranch, he embarks on his own journey after buying the ranch from the Benedict family. There are several struggles with friends dying in wars with the rivalry between Bick and Jett. Yet, Jett ends up becoming a drunk who ends up dying leaving Bick and Leslie to live the life they know. However, when Bick’s son marries a Hispanic woman they find themselves facing racism. Although, Bick is able to maintain a good reputation, he ends up losing some respect for standing up for his family. Gaining the respect of those around him, he finds that the family legacy was able to continue on with the family legacy.

Giant is one of those films that is over three hours long and can be summed up in a short paragraph. However, Giant is one of the most beloved films of all time. Jett Rink would be the last role of James Dean. On September 30, 1955, James Dean’s life was cut short in a car accident. Today, he is still remembered for his acting lfie and style.

A Bug’s Life

A Bug's Life.jpgMadeline Kahn brought to life many characters in her time as an actress. Yet, one of her favorite roles of mine is when she portrayed a gypsy moth. In the 1998 movie A Bug’s Life, she provided the voice for one of the many lovable bugs in this movie.

When an ant by the name of Flik accidentally ruins the ants harvest for the grasshoppers he is sent by the queen to find heroes to save the colony. Flik does find the heroes, however, he learns that they are a circus act. Knowing the truth, Flik decides to hide the truth to gain the trust of the Queen and Princess Atta. However, Flik and the troupe are founded out when the ringmaster shows up exposing them. After being sent to live with the troupe, Flik convinces them that they have to go back and fight. Flik and them return to bring the grasshoppers down once and for all. After they manage to do so, the circus act lives with the ants as heroes, while Flik and Atta fall in love.

A Bug’s Life featured the voice of Madeline Kahn as Gypsy, a gypsy moth as part of the circus troupe. On September 29, 1942, Madeline Kahn was born with the life of entertainment ahead of her.

The Secret of Roan Inish

Image result for the secret of roan inishOn September 28, 1950 director John Sayles was born. Many of his films have been acclaimed and loved by many. For me, the 1994 film The Secret of Roan Inish is one that I loved the most.

A young girl, Fiona, is sent to a fishing village to live with her grandparents. Upon arrival her grandfather tells her the story of her family fleeing from the island of Roan Inish. While she wanders the village many people tell her about her ancestors that left the beloved island, including her own baby brother. She learns learns that he is believed to have been swallowed by the sea. But, while she is out on the island, she meets her brother Jamie and brings him home to be with his family.

The Secret of Roan Inish is a movie that is not well known. In 1994, John Sayles directed this movie about a little girl who learns about the world around her. On September 28, 1950, John Sayles was born with directing in his future.


Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most recognized actresses of today. On September 27, 1972 she came into the world with a great career ahead of her. Not only is she an actress, but she is a blogger and businesswoman. For her birthday, I decided to do the 2003 movie Sylvia in which she portrays the title character, the author, Sylvia Plath.

Following the life of Sylvia Plath from her birth in Boston 1932 with her talented writing we learn about the personal life of the doomed author. At a young age, she loses her father dealing with the tragedy she turns to writing as a way to comfort her. The movie moves forward to the year 1950 where she is a star student at Smith College. Despite her popularity, she ends up attempting suicide in her junior year. When this attempt does not work, she finds herself at Cambridge University in Great Britain on a scholarship. There she meets author Ted Hughes who falls in love with her. Soon the two embark on a love affair that is leads to marriage. However, this marriage becomes doomed as Ted is unfaithful to Sylvia, who’s writing is growing in popularity. As life goes on writing and children bring Sylvia happiness. Sadly, Sylvia when Ted officially packs up and leaves her she is devastated leading to her suicide at the age of thirty.

Gwyneth Paltrow was able to tell Sylvia Plath’s tale like no other before her. To be honest, I can’t imagine any other actress bringing the author to life. On September 27, 1972, Gwyneth Paltrow was born with a life ahead of her inspiring many others to do great things.


Grease ver2.jpgOn September 26, 1948 the woman who would become known as Sandy was born. Olivia Newton-John brought her to life in the 1978 musical movie Grease. Throughout her life Olivia has done more to prove that she deserves her place in history. Grease was only just the beginning for her to prove herself.

After a whirlwind summer romance, Danny and Sandy find themselves at the same high school. However, Sandy is nice and Danny is a bad boy. The two end up having feelings for each other, but Danny ends up pushing Sandy away when he is trying to impress his friends. Throughout their senior year of high school, Sandy and Danny find themselves ending up together and torn apart. In the meantime, Danny’s best friend Kenickie is dating Rizzo, a member of the girl group The Pink Ladies with whom Sandy is friends with ends up picking a fight with crosstown rivals. Danny wanting to impress Sandy, while Sandy wants to impress Danny ends up in a do or die for who likes who. In the end, Sandy ends up getting the makeover with Danny falling for her. The movie ends with all of their friends at the school carnival with Danny and Sandy driving off into the sky together.

Danny and Sandy’s 1950’s rock and roll romance story has been told over and over again. However, this would not have been possible if Olivia Newton-John did not bring to life the beloved character of Sandy on screen. On September 26, Olivia Newton-John celebrates her birthday with many more to come.


Michael Douglas is one of the most iconic and well respected actors of today. In several movies he has brought to life many characters and created several films behind the scenes. In 2015 superhero film Ant-Man he portrays the original title character who finds himself helping the new man behind the mask.

When Hank Pym discovers a way to shrink particles he resigns from his job in order to protect his invention. Flashing forward to the present day we learn that his invention is discovered by a thief by the name of Scott Lang. Lang is a down on his luck con man who finds himself playing a deadly game with the hidden invention. Unaware that there are villains out there to find the suit, Scott starts to use the invention to his advantage. However, when Darren Cross dons the Yellow Jacket villain outfit, Scott as Ant-Man has met his match. After being arrested, Scott learns that he must stop the Yellow Jacket. Yet, there is the problem of Scott’s estrange younger daughter being taken captive by the bad guys. Put in a desperate situation, Scott finds help from Hank and his estranged daughter who work to make sure that he is able to save the day once and for all.

Michael Douglas was born on September 25, 1944 to become a recognized faced in Hollywood. In 2015 he portrayed scientist Hank Pym to bring to life a new superhero while handing the torch. There are many people today who look up to Michael Douglas with his acting, directing and producing career.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Without Jim Henson there would not be the Muppets. On September 24, 1936 he was born. Sadly, he passed away before he could assist in my favorite Muppet movie: The Muppets Christmas Carol. In 1992, this film came to life in the re-imagining of Charles Dickens classic tale.

With Gonzo the Great in the role as Charles Dickens with Rizzo the Rat as his assistant he tells the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge. With Kermit the Frog portraying Bob Cratchit, Scrooge sticks to his traditional cruel ways about Christmas. Upon his return home, there is song and dance about Scrooges ways by his past partners. During the night, Scrooge is visited by three ghosts. The first ghost, shows him his past giving us insight to his hatred of Christmas. The second ghost, is able to warm Scrooges spirit by showing him Bob Cratchits family. When Scrooge sees how Bob’s youngest son Tim is suffering from an illness, that would eventually kill him. After cruel words being fed back into his mouth, Scrooge is shown the future where he learns that no one will care about his death. He learns that Bob’s family is grief stricken by the death of Tim. After facing his doom, Scrooge returns to the Christmas of the present a changed man. As with the traditional story, we learn that Scrooge truly changes his ways becoming a philanthropist and second father to Tim Cratchit.

Sadly, Jim Henson passed away before The Muppets Christmas Carol could be finished. However, the film is dedicated in his memory. On September 24, 1936 Jim Henson was born, the mastermind behind the muppets bringing joy and laughter to future generations.

The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

The Phantom of the Opera (1925 film).jpgOn September 23, 1909 Gaston Leroux’s famous novel The Phantom the Opera was published in France. Throughout the years, this novel would grow on to become one of the most famous of all time. The haunting of The Paris Opera House captured the imagination. In 1925 The Phantom of the Opera was brought to life in the famous silent film.

Christine Daae is given the chance to star in the opera show after the lead Carlotta is taken ill. Unbeknownst to Christine, the mysterious man who has been giving her lessons orchestrated this. With the legend of the Phantom floating around, Christine follows him into his lair one night. After spending the night, she wakes up and unmasks him leading to the viewing of his hideous face. Upon seeing this she faints, yet manages to head up to the opera house by promising the phantom she is his. However, she doesn’t love him, she loves Raoul. After seeing Raoul propose to Christine and her accept, Erik, the Phantom vows revenge. He makes his grand appearance at the ball frightening Christine causing their to be plans for a trap to be made for him. However, this fails with Christine being held hostage by the mad man. Raoul and a policeman make their way below as an angry mob forms. Christine and Raoul escape with Erik being killed by the angry mob.

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most iconic movies and books of all times. On September 23, 1909 , Gaston Leroux novel appeared in France. Without it, there would not be the mad man  Erik with the Paris Opera House capturing the imagination.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson: Tom Felton brought to life the blonde haired bad boy in the Harry Potter series. On September 22, 1987, the man who would become Draco Malfoy was born. Even though, Tom Felton has been able to maintain a career in acting away from Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is quite possibly his most memorable role to me. In the 2007 film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, he brings to life Draco Malfoy as villainous as always.

Harry Potter’s summer vacation ends with him going to trial for illegal use of magic. However, he had no choice when he and his cousin were attacked by dementors. Before the trial, Harry learns that his close friends are a part of The Order of the Phoenix, dedicated to stopping Lord Voldemort and his followers. In the previous film, Voldemort had come back to life with Harry relaying the news to everyone. But, the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, does not believe Harry and Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, leading to a smear campaign. At the top of this vicious campaign is Lucius Malfoy, who’s son Draco spends his time berating Harry. Things get worse for Harry when the ministry places Dolores Umbridge as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Cruel and sadistic, Dolores takes hold of Hogwarts making Harry’s life miserable, firing teachers on a biased basis, and forbidding students from learning spells. During this time, Harry and his friends form a group of students to learn the spells to defend themselves. However, Umbridge has learned about this causing her to create the Inquistorial Squad as a means to catch them. Dumbledore’s Army, the group of students, are able to go undetected for a bit. With Christmas around the corner Harry receives his first kiss, but his joy is overshadowed when he has a vision of Arthur Weasley beign attacked. The father of his best friend Ron is found and brought to the hospital. In the meantime, Dumbledore has become aware of Harry’s psychic link with Voldemort leading him to have Harry learn occlumency through his least favorite teacher Snape. When Harry and his friends return to school, Harry’s occlumency classes are cut short when he views some of Snapes memories. At the same time Dumbledore’s Army is found out when Harry’s crush reveals the truth to Umbridge. During final exams, there are pranks pulled with Harry having a vision of Voldemort holding his godfather, Sirius Black, hostage. Harry alerts Ron and Hermione Granger. But, the trio are caught by Umbridge leading Hermione to create a diversion in the Forbidden Forest that works. Upon return to Hogwarts, Ron with Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Ginny Weasley head off to the Ministry of Magic to rescue Sirius. However, Harry learns taht this is a trap when death eaters, including Lucius Malfoy, appear. The group makes a run for it finding refuge in a room with a veil. After the six are attacked, members of the Order of the Phoenix show up including Sirius. Sadly, Sirius is killed by Bellatrix Lestrange causing Harry to chase after her in a fleet of rage. When he encounters her, he finds Voldemort waiting for him. Luckily, Dumbledore arrives leading the two to have a duel. When the duel is over, Voldemort tries to take over Harry’s body, but fails. Voldemort leaves when the Fudge arrives with his advisers being forced to admit the truth. The movie closes with Harry’s name being cleared, the Death Eaters being found out, and Umbridge being forced out as he prepares for the next part in defeating Voldemort.

Tom Felton’s character of Draco Malfoy may have had a smaller role in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. However, he was still noticeable in this film. On September 22, 1987, Tom Felton was born with Draco Malfoy in the future.


On September 21, 1947 one of the Masters of Horror was born. Stephen King has written stories where time after time has scared many of people. In 1976 the film Carrie came out based on his work. This horror film has stood the test of time scaring many out of going to prom.

Carrie White is the pretty girl who seems like many people would be her friend. However, she is an outcast who falls subject to bullying on a daily basis by her classmates. One day after gym class, Carrie receives her first period. But, Carrie is unaware of what a period is causing her to have a break down while the other girls mock her. When the gym teacher comes in Carrie is sent home for the day after being informed that everything she is going through is natural. Upon her return home, her deranged religious mother punishes her for receiving her period. Locking her in a prayer closet Carrie starts to notice she has strange powers. With these growing, she starts to research telekinesis. Meanwhile, Ms. Jarvis, the gym teacher has punished all the girls in the gym class by forcing them to stay after school. When Chris Higgins, the leader of the mean girls, leaves she finds herself being banned from prom. Wanting revenge on Carrie she and her boyfriend conspire to pull a prank on Carrie at prom. At the same time, Sue Snell offers to let her boyfriend Tommy go to prom with her. On the night of the prom, Carrie and Tommy arrive with Carrie receiving a warm welcome that she has never received by her fellow classmates. At the height of the night, Chris’s plan starts to come into action. When Carrie is announced prom queen she goes up to the stage to claim her crown when pigs blood is dumped on her. Tommy, who is prom king, ends up being knocked out. All f this causes Carrie to think that everyone is laughing at her. In reality they are all staring at her in shock, terror, and sympathy. All of this leads to her having a break down killing all of her classmates that are at the prom, including all of those who were kind to her. Carrie leaves the prom leaving the school gym burning to the ground. On her way back home, Carrie manages to kill Chris and her boyfriend. Upon arrival she attacks and kills her mom after she is assaulted. Seeing that her mother is dead Carrie has a break down causing her house to collapse on her, The movie cuts to Sue Snell who witnessed the whole thing and feels guilt about what has happened to Carrie, her classmates, friends, and teachers. In a dream sequence she is shown going towards Carrie’s grave when a hand pops out grabbing her. A screaming Sue wakes up from her nightmare to her mother comforting her.

Carrie is one of those films that has scared many out of their wits. This film would not have been possible if Stephen King did not write the book. On September 22, 1947, Stephen King was born as a master of horror modifying the genre for years to come.