BUtterfield 8

Butterfield8 movieposter.jpgElizabeth Taylor is considered to be one of the greatest actresses of all time. Starting out as a young child she captured the hearts of millions with her talents on and off the screen. Not only was she an actress, but a humanitarian who donated to many charities that she cared about. In the 1960 film BUtterfield 8 she won her first Academy Award for her portrayal as Gloria Wandrous.

When the film opens up we are introduced to Gloria as a young woman who spends most of her nights with different men. In the opening scene she wakes up to see there is money left by the man who she slept with last night. Thinking this is a way of him calling her a prostitute, she writes no sale in lipstick on the mirror and takes a mink coat to cover herself up. Later she gets a phone call from him, who explains that the money was meant for a new dress, since he tore the last one. Throughout the film, we are introduced to many people who are good friends with Gloria. However, they do not agree with her lifestyle. Gloria continues on to have an affair with a married man, however, she decides to end it. All of this leads to Gloria deciding to leave to start a new life in Boston. However, the married man has a different ideas including, divorcing his wife and marrying Gloria. All of this upsets Gloria leading to disastrous results.

BUtterfield 8 was not a film that Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed doing. Yet, she did win an Oscar for her role. Born on February 27, 1932 she would rise to become one of the most iconic actresses in history. BUtterfield 8 may not have been her favorite film to do, yet it is still a classic today.


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