Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Image result for Martin Luther King jr quotesThere are many people in the world who know who Martin Luther King Jr. is. The Civil Rights leader who advocated nonviolence and lead marches across Southern America became is still remembered today. When I had opened my computer I noticed there was a poll on asking about what Martin Luther King Jr. is most remembered for. There were four options: “I Have a Dream” speech, his role in the Civil Rights Movement, Selma to Montgomery March and his advocacy for nonviolence. The answer, to me, is all of them.

Martin Luther King Jr. did all of those things becoming a face of the Civil Rights Movement. Standing in front of thousands of people to deliver his famous “I Have a Dream” speech is still referenced today. Many children in school learn the words of his vision to make America a better country with out injustice. Martin Luther King Jr. faced intimidation from the Ku Klux Klan like getting his house bombed with his family inside. Never the less, he stood up for his rights showing that love is more powerful than hate.

Sadly, Martin Luther King Jr., was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee. Standing outside his hotel room he was shot down, but his message still resonates with many. Yes, we have come along way from the 1960’s. But, Martin Luther King Jr., is forever remembered for his true message of justice for all.

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