#146 Felicia Farrell from the musical Memphis

Memphis. Beverley Knight as Felicia Farrell. Photo credit Matt ...

In the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Memphis the main female character is stunning Felicia. Memphis takes place in the 1950’s in Tennessee and Felicia is African-American. Unfortunately, that means that she was subjected to racism and had to follow segregation laws. But, she has a beautiful voice. With her voice she meets Huey Calhoun, who loves music and is oblivious as to why Felicia is not cared for in his community. Eventually, with Huey’s help and them falling in love she is able to realize her dreams of making it to the top. After getting assaulted and being called the vicious “n” word, she is able to show the town of Memphis and the world that true beauty can come from within. Felicia is a good role model because she is able to show that you can still be yourself and achieve your dreams at the same time.

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