# 144 Jane from Tarzan

In Edgar Rice Burroughs epic book Tarzan we meet a man who was raised by apes. He soon encounters a young girl named Jane Porter with whom he falls in love with. At the beginning of the book we see Jane as a damsel in distress. But as the series carried on we see her evolve into someone who is adventurous and daring. Through out the series Jane becomes capable of being able to defend herself in the wild. When Jane chose to stay with the man that she loved she knew that she had to adapt to new ways of the jungle. She was aware that she would not have the same amenities as she would back home. Learning to adapt in an African jungle when coming from a life of privilege comes with time. Jane over time learned how to take care of herself as well as her family; when she went from damsel in distress to heroine of the jungle.

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