#1 Nancy Drew

Want to read the original 1930's version of Nancy Drew....The top girl is Nancy Drew! The teenage detective who made her debut in the 1930’s is still inspiring young girls today. From TV shows to computer games, she lights up the lives in young girls. Using her mind and talent there is nothing Nancy Drew cant’t do. In all of her adventures she takes on the task head on with no regrets. Although, she runs into trouble here and there, she makes it through to save the day. Whether it be foiling a theft or solving a murder she always figures out a way to get the job done.

The Sleuth Shop 1000 piece Nancy Drew book cover puzzleI think there were only four Nancy Drew movies with Bonita Granville and they were all good.Knowing that there is a loophole in every suspects statement, Nancy looks for the answers. In times of a crime being committed it is only a matter of time before suspects point the finger at one another. That is when Nancy steps in! She is able to get the answers from the suspects in order to find out who the real culprit is. Many of the suspects twist their stories to look innocent, even use family connections to get out of them. It does not matter who they are to Nancy Drew, if they are guilty, then the truth will come out. Looking to help solve a crime to benefit others is something that Nancy does best. Even if it does mean ticking a few well known people off.

Nancy Drew GamesIn all of her mysteries, she can’t go at it alone. With the help of best friends Bess and George, boyfriend Ned, maid Hannah, and reluctant father Carson, Nancy has many alliances around her. Never to trusting, Nancy has been known to prove the innocence of many people presumed guilty. She is never one to trust a person by their looks, but she knows that there is good in them. In several of her mysteries there is a friend who she knows is innocent. She dedicates the rest of the book/movie/television episode/computer game to proving their innocence. In doing so, Nancy is loyal and trustworthy. Taking the lead from her father who has taught her well, Nancy is there for those in need. Even though her hunches don’t always prove to be correct, Nancy is there for those in need.

SNancy Drew show: Pamela Sue Martin Titian hair, need I say more???truggling to keep her personal life separate from her amateur sleuth life is a tough thing. She has met criticism from the police, neighbors, and her own family for partaking in mysteries. The danger is real every time Nancy agrees to help someone out. Given, some of these times are just helping out a friend with grocery shopping or assignments, there tends to be trouble lurking around the corner. Against the wishes of many Nancy takes on the case to make sure that everyone is able to sleep soundly at night. Knowing that she could get hurt or worse is what causes many who are close to her to try and stop her from going at the mystery. But, nothing stops the curiosity of the teenage sleuth. In times of kidnapping and theft this has happened many times.

Nancy Drew / Rosie the Riveter poster meme. #NancyDrew #Meme #HerInteractiveThe town of River Heights is safe thanks to Nancy Drew’s ability to solve a crime. She is a heroine to me and I idolize her for everything she does. She goes out of her way to make sure the job gets done. From traveling the globe to finding trouble in her own backyard, Nancy is a detective with soul. Nancy Drew is a female role model who I hope will continue to inspire young girls in the future!

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