Subway Sadie

Subway Sadie lobby card 1926.jpgOn September 12, 1926 the silent film hit Subway Sadie came to theaters. This silent comedy was able to help pave the way for future comedy dramas. In this film there were many aspects that were able to come to life with the future of film

Salesgirl Sadie dreams of going to Paris one day and by chance she finds herself in luck. On her way home from work one day on the subway she meets Herb McCarthy, a subway guard. The two strike up a conversation and agree to meet on Sunday at Cleopatra’s Needle. After a short courtship, the two are engaged to be married. But, the wedding ends up being postponed when she goes from saleslady to firm buyer. She finds her dream of going to Paris in her midst, but knows that she has to leave Herb behind. However, she learn that Herb has been in an accident. Knowing that she cannot leave Herb behind she forgoes the job and visited him. When she meets up Herb in the hospital and agrees to marry him as soon as possible. It is then revealed that Herb’s father is the president of the subway company, thus allowing Sadie to discover her dreams of going to Paris anyway.

Subway Sadie is one of those films that has stood the test of time. On September 12, 1926 this film hit theaters to positive reviews. Subway Sadie is a film that was able to create a sense of drama in a comedy like no other film of the time could.

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