Mary Poppins

Yesterday, October 1, Julie Andrews celebrated her birthday. To me, she is one of the greatest actresses who is alive today. Throughout her life she brought music and lovable characters. One of those is Mary Poppins in the 1964 film Mary Poppins.

When unruly children Jane and Michael Banks ask for the “perfect nanny” they get more than they bargained for. When Mary Poppins “flies” to their house on Cherry Tree Lane they find that she is not like the other nannies that they had before. With her magical powers, she brings them to her friend Bert who lets the children explore the world around them like they had never seen it before. From jumping into a cartoon sequence with penguins to learning about charity by feeding the birds to climbing with the chimney sweeps. However, their strict father ends up in trouble with his job when Michael refuses to give a man at the bank some money. When this goes awry Michael and Jane runaway only to return home. From their the Banks family is able to benefit from the likes of Mary Poppins as she has helped make the children well behaved. In the end, Mary Poppins leaves to go help another family only to leave behind the lasting impression on Jane and Michael the children need to enter adulthood.

Julie Andrews brought to life Mary Poppins like no other actress could. In the 1964 film Mary Poppins she was able to bring a lovable character that will be known for many generations. On October 1, 1935 the legendary Julie Andrews was born with a legacy to be inspiring to others in the future.

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