Life Size

Life-sizedvd.jpgTyra Banks is not only an accomplished model, but an actress as well. In the 2000 film Life Size she comes to “life” as a doll turned human. Tyra Banks is able to prove her acting skills in this lighthearted comedy.

Casey Stuart is the tomboy daughter of a widower. One night by accident trying to bring back her mother she turns her Eve doll into a human. At first shocked at Eve and refusing to help her, she and her father decide to help Eve out. However, Casey learns that Eve’s time as a human is only for a short while. So, Eve decides to help Casey and her father come to terms with the life they lead. Casey learns to accept who she is and know that her mother loves her. While her father learns to accept Casey for who she is before Eve bids farewell. After helping them out Eve turns back into the doll she was before with Casey and her father having a renewed father daughter relationship.

Today is Tyra Banks’s birthday, December 4. There are many ways that one can describe Tyra Banks outside of her life as a fashion model. However, as Eve in the 2000 film Life Size is one beyond words.


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