Fantasia-poster-1940.jpgOn December 5, 1901 Walt Disney was born. A legend in animation he brought to life many films (and characters) that are beloved today. One of those movies in the 1940 film Fantasia.

Fantasia is a film like no other. Unlike other films this movie follows sequences of music around different stories. From fairies to dancing alligators to dinosaurs there is nothing that can stop Fantasia from moving. One of the most popular pieces out of Fantasia is The Sorcerers Apprentice which has Mickey Mouse bringing to life a couple of brooms. None the less, the ending sequence, Night on Bald Mountain, stills scares children today with the Chernabog. Fantasia is a true film like no other that follows different stories all in one two hour movie.

Fantasia is one of Walt Disney’s masterpieces. On December 5, 1901 he was born into the world with inspiring animation ahead of him. Even though he has passed on his legacy still remains with many films coming out with his name attached.


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