Heavyweights-theatrical.jpgOn December 6, 1967 Judd Apatow was born. He would grow on to become a household name as he is still bringing many movies to life. One of those movies is the 1995 film Heavyweights which he produce, wrote, and acted in.

Gerry Garner is infuriated about the fact that his parents are sending him to Camp Hope, a fat camp. However, he starts to warm up to the idea of going when he makes friends with several of the other campers. Yet the Camp Hope he was told about has been turned upside down with Tony Perkis, a psychotic gym addict who is determined to make a living off of making unhealthy choices for all of the kids. After being sent on a ridiculous amount of hikes and have their meals taken away as punishment, Gerry and the other campers take over and expose their summer to their parents. However, Gerry and the others want to stay as they want to compete in an annual competition against the camp across the lake. Even though, these kids are more fit they are encouraged by their new leader Pat to take care and believe in themselves. After a close race, the boys at Camp Hope win the relay. Gerry tells Pat that this has been the best summer of his life, while Pat gets the girl in the end.

Judd Apatow has managed to bring to life many beloved films. One of those films is the 1995 family comedy Heavyweights. On December 6, 1967, Judd Apatow was born with a career in film ahead of him.


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