Get Out

File:Teaser poster for 2017 film Get Out.pngOn a frigid night people from all over came to see the suspenseful movie Get Out at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut. This ground breaking movie brought in people from all over to see the film in a movie palace, a true one of a kind experience that only the Garde can offer. This cold winters night was one to be remembered with a critically acclaimed suspenseful film.

Before the doors even opened there were people who were lined up in the box office lobby to see Get Out. Many patrons were talking about how they had seen the movie before. While music played they took an interest in the two movies added to the Garde Arts Winter Cinema Series: A Fantastic Woman on March 29th and Loving Vincent on March 7th. Not only was there interest in the movie series, but music acts as well coming to the Garde. The Australian duo Air Supply on March 10th and Andrew Bird on March 10th sparked the interest of many as they asked questions.

There were many patrons who made their way to the balcony where they saw the poster for Tape Face on February 15th. The hysterical mime from America’s Got Talent is going to be making his debut at the Garde. With so many events on top of all of these acts coming to the Garde, some people made their way back to the box office so they can buy tickets for upcoming shows like The Wizard of Oz on May 3rd and Popovich Pet Theater on March 16th.

When the time came for Steve Sigel to take the stage the audience was silent. Once he came up on stage he announced upcoming events before talking about Get Out. Directed by Jordan Peele he became the first African American to direct, write, and produce a movie that broke one million dollars at the box office. After much applause by the diverse audience Steve Sigel welcomed Brittany Midland to the stage. Brittany is the Vice President of the Black Engineers Counsel at Electric Boat. When she took the stage she was met with full applause where she revealed there would be a meeting at Two Wives Pizza for a discussion and review of the movie. Once she gave the microphone back to Steve Sigel and he gave a few remarks before the lights dimmed.

Once the movie started the audience was glued to the screen. There were shrieks of terror and laughter. Towards the end there was applause by the audience as they were able to get the ending they had hoped for. When the film credits rolled many had stayed behind to watch them before exiting the building. Many were making their way to Two Wives to meet up for the discussion about the film. In the end, Get Out a suspenseful, terrifying and engaging movie managed to bring out a reaction from all.

At the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut could only offer a one of a kind atmosphere for a movie like Get Out. This critically acclaimed film brought many from all over from different walks of life to see a film with meaning behind the horror. The Garde, once again, was able to offer another memorable night for many people from all over.

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