Tape Face

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A mime with noise, stand up with no talking, and drama with no acting are the three lines America’s Got Talent finalist Tape Face uses to describe himself. On February 15th, Tape Face brought his show to the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut. There were many people who came from all over to watch this interesting, yet comedic, man put on a one of a kind show.

From the moment you walked in the door you could tell there was something different about Tape Face. There were a few people waiting in the lobby to go to a meet and greet with the one and only Tape Face. As they are waiting a table of souvenirs was being set up with red tape roses made by Tape Face earlier that day, signed photographs and posters, and T-shirts for sale. There was much buzz around this table and people taking photos next to the poster announcing Tape Faces arrival to the Garde.

The families coming to the show with children were intrigued by the upcoming events The Wizard of Oz on May 3rd and Popovich on March 16th. Other ads that popped out for several other patrons were Air Supply on March 10th and David Sedaris on April 14th. On top of all these other events there was much talk about the Garde Winter Cinema Series currently going on. All the movies part of the Atlantic Broadband sponsored Cinema Series are critically acclaimed with all receiving nominations for Academy Awards.

When the doors opened for the audience in they were welcomed into the theater where a stage was set with two chairs and many props for the show. With whimsical music playing there was chatter about upcoming events and even more so the show. There were questions about what Tape Face was going to do in his show. All of these questions were soon answered.

After David Keller, who is part of the board for the Garde, welcomes the audience. After telling the audience he was there with his family he left the stage and Tape Face walked on. Literally, he just walked on stage to applause, then walked off only to come back on stage to applause. After he came on stage the second time, the fun didn’t stop.

In this show there was much audience interaction with these “I-don’t-know-where-I-am” acts. There was a Western skit with red balloons and staple guns followed by a Star Wars parody with a tape measure. Several skits using pop culture references like the Rubix cube and a horse race with stick horses. All of this lead up to a finale wit several red balloons.

At the beginning of the show he brought up a patron who pressed a button with a sign saying “Do Not Push.” Every fifteen minutes the lights would show just on the button announcing the countdown. When the time finally came, the same man came back on stage only to be blindfolded while red balloons were being handed out to the audience to be blown up. The lights came on to an audience holding red balloons in their hands. When the blindfold came off the patron laughed leading to red balloons being thrown on stage followed by more red balloons coming from the ceiling. All of this was happening to the hit song “99 Red Balloons” by Nena playing.

When the show ended the audience headed out to the lobby to meet the one and only Tape Face. There was a long line of people waiting to get photographs and autographs from him. Ultimately, there was only one place that could bring this type of entertainment, The Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut was able to make a one of a kind experience with a one of a kind act.

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