Dunkirk at the Garde

There are many movies showing at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut as part of their Winter Cinema series sponsored by Atlantic Broadband. Yet nothing is like the movie Dunkirk buy bringing in people from all over to see the World War II epic directed by Christopher Nolan.

Yet, there was much to be done before the movie began to prepare the theater for the patrons. In the lobby the bartenders were preparing their stations while the popcorn was being popped. When the doors opened the patrons were welcomed into a theater filled with water colored paintings around before making their way inside.

Some of them stopped by to admire future events at the Garde like family friendly performances of The Wizard of Oz on May 3rd and Kaden Bart Rockett on February 8th. While others looked at advertisements for humorist David Sedaris on April 14th and unique pet theater Popovich starring Gregory Popovich a Moscow Circus veteran with over thirty performing pets on March 16th. Popular musical acts with Lyle Lovett and Shawn Calvin on March 3rd and Air Supply on March 10th caught the eyes of many others.

However, one of the new things that caught the eyes of many patrons coming in is a new tea display. An array of teas by Harney and Sons, a tea based company in Connecticut, intrigued many. This new experiment intrigued many bought a cup of tea and received a free homemade cookie.

All of this lead up to the time for the movie to start. When the lights flickered the audience made their way inside before Steve Sigel took the stage. Welcoming the audience to the Garde Arts Center he thank the sponsors and benefactors. When the lights dimmed previews for upcoming films Darkest Hour on March 1st and The Post on February 17th to be shown at the Garde.

Once the movie started the audience was entranced by the action packed World War II film. Sounds of awe and shock filled the cinema as everyone was captivated. When the film came to an end the theater filled up with applause. Some people stayed behind to watch the credits as they were entranced by the film.

The movie Dunkirk based on a true story came alive at the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut. The movie touched many as they were inspired by the story. No place like the Garde could bring many together to see a movie about a miracle.

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